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Further activities

Over the years the scope of Born Free has expanded and today the Foundation is a global force helping wildlife.  Apart from our major programmes and long-term projects such as Zoo Check, Elephants, Big Cats and Great Apes, Born Free is involved in many other global initiatives.

Global Friends - Born Free’s educational activities inspire young and old people alike to learn about and respect the wild. Through Global Friends Born Free links African communities with neighbouring wildlife projects.

Species Survival Network - SSN is a coalition of wildlife organisations working within CITES to reduce the impact of international trade on wildlife. Born Free helped establish SSN in 1993 and Will Travers is chair of the Board.

CITES - The international trade in wild animals is worth billions of dollars and can have a serious impact on species’ survival.  Born Free fights for the highest levels of protection and battles against those exploiting wildlife.

People & Wildlife - The initiative, developed with Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, works to resolve conflict between wildlife and local people.

The Virginia McKenna Award for Compassionate Conservation presented by the Born Free Foundation, on behalf of the Compassionate Conservation Network.

Compassionate Conservation - promoting the consideration of animal welfare in a conservation context. A concept at the heart of Born Free’s work.

Bill Travers Memorial Fellowship, Oxford University - Established in 2003 at Oxford University, as part of the People and Wildlife initiative, based at WildCRU.  The first Travers Fellow is Dr Claudio Sillero, Born Free’s Head of Conservation.

ProFauna Indonesia - a non-governmental organisation working for the protection of wild animals and their habitat in Indonesia, focussing on forests, primates, parrots, sea turtles and the illegal trade in wildlife.

Carbon offsetting - Taking action against climate change is easy with Born Free.  Offset your harmful air travel carbon by funding refforestation in Kenya.

Canned hunting – The hunting of semi-tame captive animals in a confined area is widespread in South Africa. Born Free is taking action to stop this barbaric practice. 

The Bushmeat Trade - The killing of wild animals for their meat is known as the 'bushmeat trade'. Find out what Born Free has been doing to combat this trade.

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