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‘Trained’ elephant kills handler in Zimbabwe

26 July 2017

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Born Free is saddened to hear news that a man has been killed by a captive elephant in Zimbabwe.

Distressing reports have stated that the elephant, which was believed to be a ‘trained’ animal used for tourist rides, reportedly charged and attacked his handler in the Victoria Falls National Park. The elephant has since been ‘put to sleep’.

Earlier this month, Born Free reported on recent investigations concerning the use of elephants in tourist activities across Asia, highlighting the welfare problems for the animals involved, as well as the potential danger to human safety. However, as this recent incident has shown, this situation is not limited to Asia. In the last 20 years, several African countries, including South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe have operated commercial elephant-back safaris. Thankfully, Botswana banned such activities in 2016 and there are continued calls on both South Africa and Zimbabwe to follow suit.

Incidents such as this recent tragedy are a reminder that elephants, even if they are born or raised in captivity, are wild animals and that close contact with these powerful and unpredictable animals should be avoided.

Born Free continues to call on national governments and travel businesses to bring an end to activities that threaten animal welfare and public safety.

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