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Wildlife trade talks in Hanoi

14 November 2016

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Born Free calls on governments to unite to end illegal wildlife trade on the eve of multilateral talks in Hanoi.

HRH Duke of Cambridge continues the fight as delegates meet for vitally important conference in Vietnam.

Born Free has today called on delegates attending this week’s high-profile Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam*, to drive forward efforts to end the trade in ivory and rhino horn without delay.

Born Free will join delegates from 54 countries, including HRH The Duke of Cambridge, Governments, wildlife professionals, conservationists, wildlife trade experts and NGOs, to discuss how to eradicate the illegal wildlife trade and better protect wild species from the threat of extinction. Born Free is also participating in the British Government’s Global Britain campaign, which will this week highlight the UK’s collective efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.

In a video message released today, Born Free Foundation President and CEO, Will Travers OBE, said: “This vitally important meeting, hosted by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, provides an opportunity to evaluate the progress made so far towards achieving the objectives set out in The London Declaration and enhanced in The Kasane Statement, and to set further goals that will improve protection, reduce demand and disrupt criminal activities. We respectfully ask the Government of Vietnam to further demonstrate its leadership on these issues and its commitment to conservation by introducing measures – including working with partners to resolve human-elephant conflict – that would result in a doubling of the number of wild elephants in the country within the next 10 years.”

Born Free is urging delegates attending the conference to:

  • Support and improve intelligence-led enforcement designed to infiltrate and dismantle the activities of organised criminal networks
  • Harmonise international penalties and legal sanctions associated with wildlife crime
  • Support and further encourage those involved in wildlife law enforcement in the field
  • Close domestic ivory markets, thereby removing the opportunity for illegal wildlife products to be laundered through a legal trade
  • Destroy or dispose of ivory stockpiles
  • Harness the talent, energy and commitment of all stakeholders in uniting to defeat wildlife trafficking and secure a future for wild species.

Travers added: “Vietnam is regarded as one of the destination countries for illegal wildlife trade but things may be changing. On 12th November, in an indication of its growing commitment to change and to the protection of threatened wildlife, Vietnam destroyed 2,000 kg of seized ivory and 70kg of seized rhino horn. I have been working on this issue for nearly 33 years. Battles have been won and lost, but I believe that we can still win for the animals and that the tide is, at last, turning.”

According to Born Free’s research, nearly 147,000 elephants have been poached for their ivory since January 2012 (

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