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Born Free to push wildlife-friendly agenda at IUCN World Conservation Congress

30 August 2016

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Crucial wildlife issues - including canned hunting, the ivory trade and protection of pangolins – to headline at Congress.

International wildlife charity, Born Free Foundation, will be standing up for wildlife at the IUCN* World Conservation Congress, which takes place from 1st-10th September in Hawaii.

As many as 99 important Motions will be considered at this critical Congress, including calls for IUCN to:

  • Encourage and assist South Africa in ending the captive breeding of lions for canned hunting
  • Encourage governments to close their domestic ivory markets
  • Support the transfer of all eight pangolin species onto CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Appendix I, thereby banning international commercial trade in pangolins.

Born Free secured its membership of the IUCN in April 2016 and will be attending the World Conservation Congress as a full member for the first time. Born Free aims to use its membership to promote its Compassionate Conservation ethic throughout the work of the IUCN, as well as securing greater protection for the regions and species on which its work is focused.

Mark Jones, a veterinarian and Associate Director at Born Free, will be representing Born Free Foundation at the Congress. He said: “Our membership of the IUCN gives Born Free a great opportunity to promote our Compassionate Conservation agenda to leading wildlife conservation scientists and experts from around the globe. The positions the IUCN adopts are considered to represent broad scientific consensus on all kinds of wildlife protection and conservation issues, which in turn can guide future research priorities, influence government policy, and direct conservation funding. This year’s Congress will be debating a wide range of issues, from the appalling canned hunting industry in South Africa to domestic ivory markets, protected area management and biodiversity offsetting, among many others. Being there will give Born Free a real voice on these vital issues.”  

Perhaps best known for the publication of its Red List of Threatened Species, which provides a unique assessment of the status of many of the world’s fauna and flora, the IUCN is a global membership organisation composed of both government and civil society organisations. Its aim is to inform and empower conservation efforts worldwide by providing a neutral forum in which governments, NGOs, scientists, businesses, local communities, indigenous peoples groups, faith-based organisations and others can work together to forge and implement solutions to environmental challenges.

The World Conservation Congress comes just two weeks before CITES’ Conference of the Parties, which will take place from 24th September – 5th October in Johannesburg, South Africa. A Born Free delegation will be heading to Johannesburg to join 182 Member Parties (countries), as well as other conservation NGOs, from around the world in debating crucial wildlife issues – including giving greater protection to rapidly declining species such as lions, pangolins and Barbary macaques.

*International Union for the Conservation of Nature

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