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Born Free highlights plight of elephants on World Wildlife Day

3 March 2016

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Today, on World Wildlife Day (3rd March), elephant ivory seizure figures for the year to date represent an estimated 1,470 elephants brutally killed.

According to Born Free’s monitoring of reports beginning at the start of 2012, an estimated 141,712 elephants have been tragically killed for their ivory, as the illegal and systemic trade sweeps through the savannahs, forests, and plains of Africa and Asia.

This year’s World Wildlife Day, organised by the United Nations, is focusing on the plight of African and Asian elephants under the theme “The future of elephants is in our hands”.

Adam M. Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, said: “The levels of elephant poaching and illegal ivory trade remain shockingly high today, as prospective poachers and profiteers continue slaughtering elephants in the hope that a legal ivory trade will once again be opened. World Wildlife Day presents a perfect opportunity for government leaders globally to declare a permanent and unequivocal end to all trade in elephant ivory.”

Born Free helped ensure the first international ivory ban in 1989 and since then has campaigned tirelessly against attempts to reopen international trade in ivory, as well as to bring an end to all domestic and legal trade. Born Free also tracks poaching incidents, exposes illegal ivory smuggling, supports enforcement efforts to clamp down on ivory traffickers and, as Co-Chair of the Species Survival Network’s Elephant Working Group, works to increase protection for live elephants from trade.

As well as the illegal ivory trade, Asian elephants in particular also face the serious threat of conflict with people through competition for shared resources, leading to injuries, tragic deaths and orphans on both sides. Human population increases and settlement in elephant habitat can lead to habitat loss, degradation or fragmentation, which only aggravate this competition and erode pristine areas previously offering safe haven to elephants. Ill-conceived and inappropriately located infrastructure developments fail to consider the needs of wild animals such as elephants, and can have profound impacts on wildlife both in the immediate vicinity and on far roaming species such as African elephants.  

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