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Urgent action needed to end animal circuses: You can help!

8 February 2016

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On Wednesday of this week, a new Private Member’s Bill (PMB) to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses will be laid before the UK Parliament. Conservative MP, Will Quince, is championing the Bill which, if successful, would bring an end to the archaic use of animals such as lions, tigers, elephants and zebra in travelling circuses in this country.

The Born Free Foundation is calling upon UK supporters to contact their MPs today to ask them to support the Bill. 

A similar initiative was introduced by Labour MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, last year but failed to become law after being blocked by a small handful of MPs who were opposed to the measure.

Said CEO of the Born Free Foundation, Adam Roberts:

“It is vital that we support Will Quince’s new Bill to ensure that the message continues to be sent to the Government that this issue will not go away. If the Bill is unsuccessful, then the Government must move to introduce the ban as promised almost four years ago”.

If you live in the UK, please take a few moments to contact your MP to ask them to support Will Quince’s Private Member’s Bill to ban wild animals in travelling circuses. You can find contact details for your MP here:

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