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Elephant Death at Chester Zoo

15 September 2015

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The Born Free Foundation is saddened to hear of the recent death of a young elephant at Chester Zoo.

The 2 year old female named Bala Hi-Way died on the 14th of September. Although the exact cause of death is yet to be determined, Chester Zoo has confirmed that Bala had tested positive for Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV).

This follows the similar deaths of two other young elephants at the zoo in 2013. A 3 year old male named Nayan Hi Way and a 2 year old female, Jamilah both died after contracting EEHV within a month of each other.

While there is some evidence that the disease may be present in wild populations, EEHV is a very significant risk to young elephants in zoos and there is no vaccine nor reliable cure.

Chris Draper, Born Free’s Programmes Manager for Captive Wild Animals said: "Yet again, we hear the sad news of a young elephant killed by EEHV in a zoo. What is especially tragic is that such incidents are almost predictable. If we want to see an end to needless deaths of young elephants, we need to urgently re-evaluate the keeping and breeding of elephants in captivity."

Born Free believes that, in light of the recent deaths and pending the results of the second post-mortem, there should be a moratorium on breeding at the zoo at least until more is known about the modes of transmission of EEHV.

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