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Elephant falls in Belarusian circus

16 July 2015

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Reminder that circuses are not “harmless fun” as elephant suffers dangerous fall in Belarusian circus

The Born Free Foundation was concerned to hear of a serious incident involving an elephant used in a circus in Belarus over the weekend. Whilst performing in a circus show, the elephant slipped and fell from the high pedestal that she was made to stand upon as part of the act. The huge animal was filmed toppling to the ground and landing on her side, just a short distance from where audience members sat. The fact that neither the elephant nor members of the public suffered serious injury was “pure luck”, said a spokesperson for Born Free.

Just last month, a man was trampled to death by an elephant who had escaped from a circus in Germany. In 2012, an elephant named Baby wreaked havoc when she escaped from Courtney Brothers’ Circus in Ireland when it visited Cork. Weeks afterwards, the same elephant stumbled and fell on top of a visitor, leading to his hospitalisation.

Said Will Travers, President of the Born Free Foundation:

“It seems that every week we see more and more examples of the tragic consequences of the use of dangerous wild animals in circuses and other inappropriate captive environments. That there was no disaster on this occasion was pure luck, but the outcome could have been very different if the elephant had landed just a metre or so in the wrong direction. Circuses which use wild animals would have us believe that it is all harmless fun but let us be clear: it is not only damaging for the animals involved, it is also extremely dangerous - and the sooner it comes to an end the better."

The Born Free Foundation has been working alongside partners to secure a ban on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses across the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield. At present, it is legal to use any animal in a travelling circus in the UK, including elephants.

You can help to bring an end to this by taking action today. Help Born Free to bring an end to the use of wild animals in travelling circus in the UK; for the sake of both animals and people.

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