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Symposium 2008

In January 2008 Born Free acknowledged over five years of work in Sri Lanka by holding a symposium in the capital, Colombo, entitled “Elephants In Sri Lanka – A 21st Century Vision”. Bringing together many prominent national figures, as well as Born Free’s own Will Travers and Senior Wildlife Consultant Ian Redmond, the symposium addressed a wide range of stimulating and sometimes provocative issues.

Presentations looked in detail at the Elephant Transit Home rehabilitation and reintroduction programme and the post-release monitoring study funded by Born Free, at current understanding of human elephant conflict and possible approaches to mitigating it, at the role of  trained elephants in tourism and Sri Lankan public life, and at the animal welfare issues arising from keeping elephants in captivity.

Attended by many of Sri Lanka’s best known elephant experts, and incorporating a lively panel discussion and floor debate, the symposium provided a memorable opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts from different disciplines to share their perspectives on the place of elephants in Sri Lankan life and culture. It was also a valuable occasion for Born Free staff to meet and establish contact with individuals who share our interests and concerns.

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