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Children’s painting competition 2010

Wild elephants frequently visit Rathambalagama village - usually a single bull or a few bulls together, perhaps even a ‘tusker’ (the majority of bull elephants in Sri Lanka do not have tusks). Farmers can lose a substantial amount of their crops to elephants within a single night and that makes a significant impact on their household economy.

What is the attitude of the village kids towards the elephants and their behaviour? Is an elephant only a pest in their village environment? We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to express themselves on this subject through paintings.

With that idea an art competition was called in two categories, in September 2010: Junior – The forest, the elephants, and us and Senior – Human-elephant friendship. The inspiration of the competition was to make the kids think about the human-elephant interaction in the village from different perspectives. Five winning entries were selected from each category out of about 150 total entries. The winners received reading books on the school Prize Giving Day in December.

‘We never looked at elephants in this manner. It was a good experience for me to draw the way the elephants visit our village ‘, said Asanka Madushani ( 15 years), who won the third place – Senior category. 

Vayana Sewmini, winner, Junior category
Asanka Madhushani came 3rd in the Senior category
Lahiru Dhanushka, winner, Senior category
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