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Background on Project Orange Elephant

Local farmer with fruiting orange tree
Local farmer with fruiting orange tree

Born Free began work with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society in 2005 with support for a survey of HEC distribution and impact in the North West Province of Sri Lanka.

Since 2006 we have been supporting ‘Project Orange Elephant’ (POE) which has been conducted by the SLWCS near Wasgamuwa National Park.  The project has provided ‘bibile sweet’ orange tree saplings to local farmers, along with training and equipment to assist them in cultivating them.

Orange trees are not eaten and rarely damaged by elephants, and the fruit are very popular with the farmers and raise a good market price. In the first year of fruiting (the plants take three years to mature) one farmer made an income of £300, in a community where average annual income was assessed in 2006 at £125.

Following promising results from the first field site, in July 2010 Born Free provided a further grant to SLWCS to enhance the activities at this site and extend the project to a second village. Despite extreme adverse weather conditions whilst this expansion was supposed to be taking place, a report on activities in the first half of 2011 documents good progress. See the full report here.

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