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Asokamala elephant export case

Asokamala at Pinnewala in 2007
Asokamala at Pinnewala in 2007

In October 2007 a Sri Lankan animal welfare organisation – the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights (SPAR) – uncovered plans for an elephant born at the Pinnewala facility to be sent to the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia.

Knowing that Born Free had worked with Indian groups in 2005 to prevent an elephant being sent from India to Armenia, they contact us to ask for assistance. We were happy to provide information and documents to support their case against the move.

Later that month a legal case was brought through the Supreme Court to prevent the transfer of the nine-year-old female named Asokamala. Born Free instigated a letter writing campaign, and sent our Senior Wildlife Consultant Ian Redmond to Armenia to gather first hand information on the facility and conditions there, which he was able to bring to the Born Free symposium in Colombo in January 2008.

Thanks to the continuing work of SPAR the court case has been upheld through several hearings, and Asokamala has been allowed to stay in Sri Lanka with her family at Pinnewala.

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