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Shrinking elephant habitats and expanding human populations mean people and elephants increasingly come into contact.  Elephants can injure and even kill humans, and can devastate crops and buildings, while elephants are increasingly targeted in retaliation. 

Damage caused by elephants
Damage caused by elephants

Each year around 50 people in Sri Lanka are killed by elephants and some 200 elephants are killed by villagers, which can result in orphan elephants.  Born Free works to humanely reduce human elephant conflict and promote practical and inexpensive ways to help people protect themselves and their crops. The Born Free Sri Lanka team work closely with local communities to help cultivate elephant resistant crops, which elephants do not find palatable and which provide a sustainable source of income, as well as helping to care for the elephant orphans created by this conflict.

Read more about Born Free Sri Lanka‚Äôs work:  HERE

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