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Born Free’s Elephant campaign was set up in 1989 when reports showed 200 elephants a day were being slaughtered for ivory (equivalent to one every 7.2 minutes).  Today Born Free fights to end the illegal ivory trade and reinforce the commercial international trade ban, as well as funding anti-poaching initiatives, population monitoring and campaigning against captivity.

wild elephant
Protecting wild families in Kenya

Born Free’s Elephant Project:

  • Protects wild elephants and their habitat
  • Fights the brutal ivory trade
  • Exposes the plight of captive elephants
  • Helps care for rescued orphaned elephants

Born Free Elephant Achievements:

  • Huge campaign and press coverage helped ensure an international ivory trade ban (1989); our 1.9 million name petition ensured it was upheld (1992) 
  • Support of the world’s longest wild elephant study, by Cynthia Moss, Amboseli National Park, Kenya (since 1992)
  • The Ele-Truck mobile vehicle repair unit to maintain anti-poaching patrol unit vehicles in Africa (1990)
  • The East 17 elephant translocation vehicle, moving elephants from areas of conflict to safe havens within Kenya (1995)
  • The return of Nina the elephant to the wild, supported by Martin Clunes and watched by 13 million BBC viewers (1997)
  • Kenya’s largest ever elephant relocation, moving 29 threatened animals to a new home (2000)
  • Successfully campaigning to stop London Zoo keeping elephants, ending a 172-year era (2003)
  • Publishing ‘Tip of the Tusk’, one of the most comprehensive compilations of elephant poaching and ivory smuggling data (2004)
  • Major event Elephants – The Big Picture raised funds and awareness at the Royal Geographical Society (2006) 
  • Played a key role in successfully defeating Zambia and Tanzania’s proposals to reduce protection for their elephant populations and sell ivory at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (2010)
  • Published ‘Innocent Prisoner’, a report highlighting the plight of solitary captive elephants in Europe, 30 years after the death of Pole Pole at London Zoo
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