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Every year thousands of British wild animals are injured or killed as a consequence of human activities. We support the work of numerous wildlife rescue centres and sanctuaries in the United Kingdom to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild animals. We provide funds through appeals to our supporters.

Rescuing the Rescue Centres

The UK’s wildlife rescue centres are finding themselves under mounting pressure and with the UK population continuing to grow; wild animals today have to cope with problems associated with close human proximity more than ever before. Impacts associated with development alone can include displacement from breeding or feeding sites. Nevertheless, many species continue to use their old foraging routes even after new roads are built right through them. Often there simply are no alternatives. Collisions with vehicles therefore continue to claim the lives of countless wild animals.

Tens of thousands of new-born animals are left orphaned by cars each year or suffering from appalling injuries. Other threats include exposure to poisonous chemicals, entanglement in fencing and domestic waste such as plastic bags, hunting and injury or death from contact with agricultural or domestic machinery.

The sanctuaries we support are managed by the most dedicated people, who do not hesitate to give their free time to carry on caring for sick, injured and orphaned animals. With limited funds and no government or other guaranteed external funding they take in wildlife casualties from the public, veterinary surgeries, local councils and other large agencies such as the RSPCA.  As dedicated animal lovers and because they often are a wild animal’s last chance, they never want to turn an animal in need away.

In recent years we have provided funding for rescue equipment to save animals in danger, intensive care units to treat animals as quickly as possible after their rescue, and materials to keep rehabilitation areas clean and free of disease to prepare casualties for release back to the wild. The good news is that over 65% of the animals rescued are successfully treated and returned to the wild where they belong.

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