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The Final Roar Tweetstorm (#TheFinalRoar)

Born Free ends its Year of the Lion celebrations with #TheFinalRoar Tweetstorm, highlighting our fundamental lion conservation efforts, encouraging engagement with our lion projects around the world, and promoting ways to support our vital work. 

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Date: 09/12/2016
Time: 13:00-14:00

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Why Born Free are having a tweetstorm:

During our Year of the Lion, Born Free has helped gather evidence of a previously unknown population of lions in Western Ethiopia; spearheaded a campaign calling for the European Union to ban the import of animal trophies into the EU; continued with our livestock protection and human/lion conflict measures in southern Kenya; surveyed lions in the Meru Conservation Area of northern Kenya in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service; rescued and rehomed three lions confiscated by the illegal wildlife trade to our rescue centre in Ethiopia, were deeply saddened at CITES failure to prevent the captive bred lion trade, whilst we paid tribute to the legacy of the film, Born Free, with a special documentary screened on Channel 4.

Lions across West, Central, and East Africa have declined by 60% or more over the past 21 years. More than a dozen African countries are already thought to have lost their lion populations, and the international demand for lion bones and body parts and unsustainable lion trophy hunting operations are further exacerbating this downward spiral. There are currently as few as 20,000 lions remaining across Africa, and unless decisive action is taken, scientists predict further catastrophic declines. 

"Lions are under threat from habitat loss and conversion, persecution killings, and conflict with local people, but international trade – commercial and non-commercial – doubtless has a negative impact. The fact that almost 600 wild lions a year are still permitted to be shot as trophies is bewildering, as is South Africa’s decision to allow the legal exports of lion bones from ‘canned hunting’ facilities to South East Asia for use in traditional Asian medicine. There is no time to lose. Action is needed now before lions go the way of the tiger.” - Will Travers OBE, Born Free Foundation Co-Founder, President and CEO 

Adopt Our Lions!

From being chained up in a wooden shack, kept in a snow-covered car park, imprisoned in a zoo to being made to perform in a circus - our rescued lions have not had the best start in life. 

Help us provide the lifetime care our lions need whilst supporting our fundamental lion conservation projects. 

Adopt our lions from just £2.50 per month! Your pack will include:

  • FREE cuddly toy lion (optional)
  • A glossy photo
  • Personalised certificate
  • Your lion's full story
  • Born Free window sticker
  • Born Free folder 


Lions For Life range

Born Free celebrates it's #YearOfTheLion by launching an exclusive Lions For Life range!

The proceeds of ALL sales will go towards saving lives, ending suffering, rescuing individuals and protecting this iconic species! Use the discount code: SOCIAL16 to get 15% off your order (online only). Quantities are limited so order soon to avoid disappointment.

Lion Wishlist

How you can help lions:

  • £5 will buy a rescued lion cub a vitamin boost 
  • £70 will feed one of Born Free’s rescued lions for a week 
  • £345 will support the Wildlife Club activities at a school in Kenya - students and communities living alongside lions are key to their survival 
  • £2,000 will build a lion proof boma to protect livestock from predator attacks and reduce human-wildlife conflict 
  • £25,000 will fund the monitoring of Lions in Kenya’s Meru National Park
  • £62,000 will build a new home for Rea and Girma at Ensessakotteh, Ethiopia

Or have you been summer sale shopping?

Second hand cameras, torches, lightweight tents, tablets and even wildlife books are all urgently needed. Please send them to us and we’ll give them to the animal projects that REALLY need them. 

Born Free's Year Of The Lion

Elsa the lioness captured the hearts and minds of a worldwide audience in the 1966 classic film Born Free—but, today, the international wildlife charity that bears its name sounds the alarm over the future of lions. The film starred legendary actress Virginia McKenna and her late husband, Bill Travers, portraying the pioneering conservationists George and Joy Adamson and their successful rehabilitation of Elsa to the wild.

Now in it's 50th anniversary since it's release, the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA have declared 2016 their Year of the Lion!

Take a #Leap4Lions!

Born Free has teamed up with Skydive Zone: offering you the chance to do a parachute jump whilst raising money for wildlife in need.  With 18 locations based all over the UK - you have nothing to lose (other than your nerves)! Click here to book today! 

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