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Big Cat Project In Action Today

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We rescued Anthea and Raffi from a tiny cage in Tenerife

Many thousands of big cats are kept in appalling conditions in zoos, circuses and as exotic pets.  Some of the lucky ones, like Raffi and Anthea the lions who originated from the roof of a bar in Tenerife, are rescued by Born Free and relocated to our centres in Shamwari, South Africa or Banneghatta, India.  There the transformation is remarkable as a formally abused and neglected animal regains some of its natural majesty.  

While caring for individuals is a top priority Born Free also invests considerable resources in protecting wild big cat populations including lions in many parts of Africa and saving tigers from the brink of extinction in India.  Born Free is determined the African lion will not go the way of the tiger and become the next conservation crisis.  Currently 600 lion ‘trophies’ a year are legally killed and removed from Africa, which we believe is accelerating the decline of the species.  Born Free campaigns to end this ‘sport’ hunting.

I love doing the work, because I do it out of my heart. It’s great to see Shamwari working its magic on the rescued cats."
Glen Vena
Born Free’s Animal Care Manager, Shamwari.

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