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Big cats under threat

The big cat crisis is real and is here now.  Tigers and lions have undergone a massive decline in recent times.  Their main threat is human activity as our populations expand, agriculture spreads, hunting proliferates and prey species are depleted.  But community-based projects can help humans and big cats live in close proximity.

Protecting tigers

(c) D Courtenay
The tiger is in crisis

Born Free currently focuses on the tiger in India, where it is thought as few as 2,500 remain - half the global population.  Born Free has developed a major initiative based in Satpuda in central India, in conjunction with local NGOs*.  Working to secure tiger habitat and reduce conflict with local communities, the programme also enhances current conservation projects.  More information on tiger conservation here.

*Non Governmental Organisations

Action for lions

(c) Claudio Sillero
The rare Asiatic lion, as few as 350 survive

In southern India’s Gir Forest, Born Free helps to protect the rare Asiatic lion, almost hunted to extinction.  As few as 350 lions survive.  Meanwhile in Africa, lion numbers have plummeted to just 17-23,000.  Born Free protects lion habitat and resolves conflict in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Botswana. More about lion conservation here.

Jaguars in the fringe

Gary M.Stolz/USFWS

Born Free is joining forces with our colleagues at WildCRU to support a new initiative in Argentina to help protect the mighty jaguar.

Jaguars once reached Patagonia. Today, as the forests of Northwest Argentina are quickly cleared to make way for the “soybean revolution”, what was once continuous jaguar habitat is now shrinking into smaller blocks where the “tigres” – as they are locally known - continue to be hunted in retaliation for livestock losses. Extensive herding practices and poor husbandry result in significant economic loss to small-scale ranchers, negative attitudes toward wildlife, and vengeful killing of jaguars in the southernmost fringe of their distribution. Born Free is contributing to reduce livestock losses to predation and alleviate the animosity ranchers feel towards jaguars. More >

Conservation status

The five remaining subspecies of tiger are all ‘endangered’, African lions are officially ‘vulnerable’ and the Asiatic lion is ‘endangered’.  Africa’s leopard subspecies are not considered in immediate danger of extinction but Asia’s leopard subspecies are all ‘endangered’. The Jaguar is 'near threatened'.

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