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The Born Free Foundation’s tiger sanctuary is set within a private part of Bannerghatta National Park, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Here, in one-hectare enclosures with large pools, the tigers can live out their lives in peace with some degree of dignity and freedom that they had previously been denied.

Tigers currently living at the sanctuary:


Date of Birth - 17th May 1998

Case History

During an undercover investigation, Born Free rescued five month-old Roque from a pet shop in Barcelona.   His early history is unclear, but we were told he had been taken from his mother at three days old and was sold by a Belgian dealer before ending up in Barcelona. There were two other tiger cubs in the shop but they were sold elsewhere before Born Free could intervene.  It is sobering to think what their lives might be like now, having long outgrown the cute and cuddly stage that makes such cubs so appealing to would-be owners.

After his confiscation, Roque was cared for at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent.  He was so young and enthusiastic that nothing in his new life fazed him – although nettles and thunder had him rushing indoors initially! Even at this young age, it was obvious he was still potentially a very dangerous animal.  He would instinctively pounce at the fence if the sanctuary staff had their backs to him – or even if they stopped concentrating on him for two or three seconds.

On completion of the Bannerghatta sanctuary in 2002, Roque was re-homed to India . Almost immediately, the friendly, outgoing youngster showed signs of the wild tiger he might once have been.  He would frequently retreat deep into the undergrowth, and often only be seen at meal-times.  It is wonderful he now has the privacy that he deserves – and so obviously enjoys. 

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