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Written by Glen Vena, Animal Care Manager

Dear friends, all is well this side.  It has been very cold lately, we had lots of rain and finally the Bushman’s River is flowing, so I’m sure that is good news to all here. It hasn’t flowed for the past three years.

Cats are doing very well, they’re looking good and they are eating well. I do have my concerns when it comes to Aslan and Stella – they are the oldest cats we have at the moment, they at 22 years old, however so far so good.

I have started to do some work on the camps, slowly getting there.

Sirius - Rehomed from Monaco Zoo in 2008

Above is a picture of Sirius sitting on his little “jungle gym”.  Generally he looks good, but we do not see him that often, he loves his privacy toooo much, making it hard to see him, that is why I’m trimming some grass and bushes from his camp.

Sinbad – rescued from Bacau Zoo, Romania, in 2007

Okay this is Sinbad just before we started on his camp, he looks good.  He makes me laugh during feeding, he really behaves like a wild lion I think, the way he likes to growl and shake his food around and when I call him by his name he will get all protective and literally sit on his food and start eating.  He will be very rough with his food as if he is killing it for the third time, I love him to bits, he is The Man!

Ma Juah, rescued from a Liberian Zoo in July 2004 and Achee, rehomed from Romania, in September 2004

This picture (Achee on the left) was of them sleeping right at the back of their camp.  I walked past them three times and I did not see them, so I thought to myself: while I’m walking around I’m going to sing my new favourite song (The Lazy Song) and miraculously Achee lifted her head and MJ had just enough strength to kick Achee, maybe saying to her go back to sleep as Glen’s singing is horrible.  They are good.

Triplets – Sami ,Alam & Nimira, found motherless in Sudan in 2001

They are looking good, guests see them often, they love them. Ag, in general they are well, just naughty sometimes!

Aslan rescued from a Greek Zoo in 1995 and Stella, also rescued from a Greek Zoo, in 2000.

This is the best I could get of these two love birds, they were in the main camp.  All good, however it is still a concern to us that, being so elderly, at any time anything could happen, so fingers crossed that we going to have them for a long time to come -  sorry I’m being selfish here now!

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