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Julie Ward Centre - October 08

achee - photo (c)BFF/Shamwari

Glen Vena – general news

We have had a lot of renovation work being carried out at the Julie Ward Centre, which has meant some workmen camping out by the big cat enclosures.

Dan and I were on patrol all the time, with our vet and his dart gun on standby, but, to my surprise, the cats did not mind the noise and disturbance at all.  They were just very interested to see what the builders were doing!

Dan  Vena (no relation!)– cat reports

Temperatures: this is always different, sometimes it is 22ºC and sometimes it can be 30ºC.

Pitou and Sirius the leopards

When I was doing the fence patrol one day, I saw Pitou close to the viewing deck enjoying her breakfast. After spending time with Pitou I moved on, trying to locate the ever elusive Sirius, however it was not possible to see him in the thickets.

After lunch I decided to go and check on the cats and that was around 12.15pm.  To my surprise I saw Sirius next to the water trough having a drink, I approached with caution and he just looked at me and he seemed okay with me being there and I was about 4 meters from him.  He gave me a big growl, but it was so good to have seen him.


Sinbad is the man! He is doing extremely well. I saw him this morning and he was next to the hospital camp. He was busy with his bones, he loves his bones. He was trying to get the last bits of meat off them.

In hot days he does not do so well and he prefers to keep cool. So most of the time he will be in the shade away from the viewing deck and sometimes you cannot see him in the thickets. Otherwise he is well.

I must say he has a lovely roar on him, it makes you shiver!

The other day I saw him by Achee and Ma Juah’s fence, looking for them.  However MJ and Achee were in their hospital camp so he could not see them, I think maybe he was missing them.

Triplets: Sami, Alam and Nimira

There was lots of maintenance by the triplets’ camp so for most of the time they were kept shut up in their hospital camp during the day; then in the evenings they are let out in their main camp to chill out.

Otherwise they are doing very well and look great.  We are still working on the weight thing.  They are all neutered and it seems a bit harder for them to lose some kg.

Sami will sometimes be seen as if he is mating Alam, but that is probably showing his dominance as he is the top cat.

Ma Juah - Photo (c) BFF/Shamwari
Ma Juah

Achee and Ma Juah

The girls are doing very well, they just love each other.   They have a very close relationship.

While I was doing a fence patrol I saw them both lying together under a common qwarry tree.  Not long after, I left to go and see Sinbad and he was okay. I decided to go back and spend some time with the girls, this time I saw Achee drinking water and Ma Juah was still under the tree relaxing.

They both look good and they are never aggressive towards each other. MJ is very vocal. She will answer when Sinbad starts to roar. Or when she starts Sinbad would answer.

Aslan and Stella

They are the best couple. They are doing very well. they are always with each other, if they not sleeping next to each other, you would see them drinking water together, or just chilling together.

During fence patrols, I have to make sure I do see them and that means I have to incur Aslan’s wrath! But Stella is so sweet! She always just watches how Aslan is aggressive towards me and she would just turn her back and go and sleep under a bush, she is a good girl.  Well I will never give up on Aslan,  I know I’m the new team–player here, he is probably still not over Vuyo leaving.  Otherwise the aggression that he shows is not that he wants the kill me, but more of he is standing his ground, or he is just upset that I woke him up.

However, maybe he is more aggressive towards me because the effects of Stella’s contraceptive implant are wearing off and they have started to mate again in this last week.  (He is vasectomised.)  Dr Murray Stokoe will look into this.

Jean Byrd Centre Diary

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