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May 08 diaries

Summary of BFF Cats at ther Julie Ward Centre – report by Glen Vena 

Pitou and Sirius:

They are looking good.  We still rarely get to see Sirius but Dan, who spends most time with them, said all is well with them both. Tony Wiles, the animal care consultant from BFF in England, who came over with the latest rescue, got a nice look at Pitou when he visited the centre on 28th April. At first we could not see her then we went around her enclosure looking for both of them. I knew Sirius was not going to come out to see us as he is more comfortable with Dan. However out of nowwhere appeared Pitou, well, out from under a qwarry bush, strolling towards us, totally relaxed.  She didn’t mind Tony being there and she followed us around the enclosure. This was a highlight as she can be a handful some times. It is also good to see that she is enjoying her new home,

Weather is not too bad here although we are halfway through our autumn and going in to winter. We have been experiencing temperatures up to 25ºC and this is great, well Pitou and Sirius are doing well in it.

Guests are seeing more of Pitou during the tours, reports Dan - and she is totally relaxed around the guests.

leopard sirius
Sirius and
leopard pitou


This young man is doing really well and looks great, even better now that the weather is cooling down. You see Sinbad is not a big fan of too hot weather he prefers it mild! So the 25ºC that we have been have these past few weeks, he has been out an about more and guests were seeing him more too, reports Den.

Other good news is that he is looking at the girls next door again and he is spending more of his time closer to them, but he is cool and he keeps his distance and he never shows any aggression to Achee or MJ.

One more thing I could be wrong, but will confirm once I’m 100% sure: I think I heard Sinbad roar for the first time since he came to Shamwari! Well I just heard this deep roar which was similar too the late Raffi’s. the roaring came from his enclosure side or could it have been Achee as, so far, she has not roared either.  I did run up to see but by the time I got there all was still. Brutus was sleeping next to the fence where he could see the girls and Achee and MJ not far from the fence too. But I’m going too keep on listening. So at last Aslan will have a bit of competition, from the sound I heard and if it was Sinbad he has a mighty roar inside him!!!

You see in the past if any other lion roared Sinbad would look around him as if he is fearing for his life and in the past couple of months that stopped and he is just relaxed around his enclosure, I think he is finally at home in his territory and he knows they can’t get to him.

Even when he eats his food he does not rush to finish it up he takes his time eating it and he never leaves anything behind for the ants to finish up. He cleans his bones outs nicely.

Photo - Virginia Lundin

Ma Juah and Achee  

The girls look great and well. Achee is spending most of her time at the bottom corner of her enclosure looking for Sinbad, and MJ just follows. Achee is very friendly, but MJ is a bit grumpy with Sinbad. But they have their own ways of getting around this with out getting too aggressive with each other.

For me standing outside it easy to look at the body language and say things, but we don’t know what they are thinking really.

They enjoy the food and I think Achee enjoys it so much that she sometime takes MJ‘s so we we put her in the hospital camp and MJ in the main camp. Once they done eating we open the gates and let them in with each other. When we do this they will run towards each other and push up against each other. Or MJ will be waiting by the gate and when you open it she would run towards Achee. These two girls it looks like they have been together for years or grew up together, they are so good with each other.

The weather does not bother them too much, guest will see them when they are in front otherwise they will be under the thickets or by the corner trying, for a while, to locate Sinbad, but not for long and then they walk away.

Triplets: Sami, Alam and Nimira

Alam has been busy trying to dominate big brother, top cat Sami! He would try to mate him and bite him behind the neck. Sami would just growl and let him be. Nimira seems not to be bothered with what the brothers are up too. She just minds her own business and keeps them away from her.

They are always out and about and guests see them often. They still love to go onto their jungle gyms and look out onto Shamwari.

They weather: when it is hot we never see them even during our fence patrols but on rainy days they will be out and about playing and grooming each other. It looks as if they like to make use of this opportunity to clean themselves nicely.

Alsan and Stella.

They are well and we still do not see them a lot with guests, but if we do see them they always bowl the guests off their feet as Aslan would start to roar and this roar does that thing that makes your legs want to go jelly.  Even the bravest ranger will jump backwards to give way to big Aslan.

Ag, they good and Aslan is less aggressive, but we as care takers we also give him his space and we will never bother him when he is asleep or anything that we would see as just bothering Aslan or that he would not like. He just loves his space from people. People on the viewing deck that is enough for him and he has that choice to come out or not.

Food they still enjoy and they have lost lots of weight with the new reduced portions, which is good.

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