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March 08

Weather - it has been hot and late afternoons we have had a bit of rain and thunder. But they cats don’t seem to mind, and they come out after the rain and explore their camp and start to re-scent mark their territories.



Sinbad is looking good. It is just in the very hot weather he doesn’t seem to cope as well, and becomes very lethargic.  Once we even had to put him on a drip as he got so dehydrated.  So, we always call out our vets, Johan and Murray to come and see how he is doing, but he is usually okay and we just need to keep a close eye on him.

He has a favourite place in the shade by the water trough.  So, this means the guests get to see him when we go up to his viewing deck.  Den also reports that Sinbad has taken to watching the girls next door again.  It seems they have picked up where they left off.  Den says during his fence patrols he can see them stalking up and down the dividing fence, trying to get a good look at each other.  Den has also heard growls coming from their camp, but by the time he gets there all is well so he is not sure who was doing the growling.  However, I suspect it could be Ma Juah as she is very protective over Achee, so maybe if Achee saw Sinbad and got all excited then Ma Juah would not be happy.  We will observe closely and see.

sinbad eating
Sinbad eating

Achee and Ma Juah

The girls are well and, as Den reports, it looks like the candle of love has been lit between Achee and Sinbad! Oeps sorry!  Have to stop myself here!   Anyway, there has been a lot of interaction between them and they can often be seen at the front of their enclosures. However, during guest visiting times they are not out and about, they keep away and only in the afternoon will they start to show themselves.

achee and ma juah
Achee and Ma Juah

Aslan and Stella

They still keep away from guests, but Den reports he will see them during the fence patrol and he says they are very relaxed when it is only him.  We have stopped letting the students help with their feeding so maybe that is why Aslan is calmer.

Den say Aslan prefers the cooler weather as he would be very vocal and that will make the guests jump even if they do not see him. This I know too, he has a beautiful roar.  (It doesn’t beat the late Raffi’s, in my biased opinion!)

Food they still love and will not be late when the BFF Land Rover brings the food.  They take it gently from the feeding area with out any aggression.  Stella knows that she must take hers only after Aslan has taken his portion. Then all is well.

Sirius and Pitou

Pitou is starting to be a star and she is very relaxed around us. Well, Sirius still prefers to be not seen and just show his face and then he will be out of there.  Den reports that he saw Pitou when he was with his guests; she was by the viewing deck and she was relaxed and she was just sniffing the ground and she went to drink water and then disappeared in to the bushes. The guests loved her.

Den said that one of the guests from the UK took out a newspaper article about  Pitou and Sirius and showed it to Den and said he was so happy too have seen these leopards.  Den was able to identify Pitou in the picture, and the guest was really overwhelmed by seeing the leopard that had been in the paper.  He was over the moon.  He said to all the other guests that this was the reason that he came to Shamwari, because he saw this story of the leopards in the paper!

The other day when we fed, Pitou came out and ate her food in front of us and she was so relaxed and calm and she took her time eating and she was using her raspy tongue to lick the hair off the carcass, as wild leopards have to do.  She is adapting very well to her new home and the new diet she is getting.

pitou sirius
Pitou and Sirius


Always out and about, they are the best!   Play is their middle name! They will play with each other in front of the deck and on some occasions this will knock the watching guests off their feet, and laugh until their tummies are sore!

Jean Byrd Centre (Glen)

I (Glen) stood in for Bongani as he was off on compassionate leave.

All cats are well and look great and they are so relaxed.

The Three J’s

They look fantastic.  They love each other and it looks like theirs is a partnership for life. Their strong bond reminds me of Raffi and Anthea. They other day I saw them curled up together in one bundle (sorry to use that word, but that is what it reminded me of).  They were keeping each other warm and they were not a bit bothered with my presence, they just kept on sleeping.

They love their food and never fight over it, it will be they either eat together or go away to their own portions.

The boys have now a new hobby! They love breaking the ball valve of the water trough and there will be water all over the camp.  So far we have lost many liters as they would do this in the evenings and we would see it in the morning. But I have managed to put a stop cock in the middle of the pipe line where I can control the flow of the water, ha got them!!!

Jools keeps her boys away from Shada.  She is very protective over them.  If she sees Shada nearby she will charge the fence with all she has and stop a meter before the electric strands and roar at Shada.  This to me means ‘stay away Shada’.  Jools does not approve of her.  Well Shada is cool, and perhaps very devious and never to be trusted.  She keeps this expression on her face ‘I will not harm you, but just come closer and I will show you’.

three j's
Jerry, James and protective mother Joules


Kuma is great.  He still loves to hang out by Shada’s side of the fence, with no hostility between them.  He loves his food and does not waste a thing.

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