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Julie Ward Big Cat Diary September 2012

We had some Born Free Foundation supporters this month that came to see the project: Derek and Susan Rankine, I had a really good time with them, and they spent a lot of time with me behind the scenes and helped me feed the cats.

Derek, Susan and me, Shada in the back ground

All the cats are well and fine.  Here are some photos I had taken during the walk around the Centres with the BFF supporters.  I couldn’t get an up-to-date one of Achee and Ma Juah, they were always hidden in the undergrowth.  It is good they have this opportunity for privacy, but frustrating when I am trying to get some pictures to share with you all.

Here is 21 year old Sirius, rehomed from Monaco Zoo. Susan and and Derek Rankine took this photo
Here is Sinbad minding his own business, he is really looking good I think! He was rescued from a Romanian zoo in 2007.
Here goes Alam...
...and here is Alam again, standing on the water trough. Alam and his sister Nimira and his brother Sami, were found motherless in the desert in Sudan, and arrived as cubs in January 2001.
Brutus and Marina playing. Brutus was rescued from a French circus in 2008, and Marina was rescued from a Romanian zoo in 2008.
Brutus and Marina playing on the ground, a typical activity for the two love birds.
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