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Big Cat Diary Sept 09



At this stage we all working on the enclosures, we are busy removing all unwanted thorns and alien vegetation; at the same time it makes it easy for us to view the cats during our fence patrols.

We started with Ma Juah and Achee a few weeks ago and we are half way done with their camp. At the moment we are doing the leopard triplets’ camp and this is really important too as it was starting to get seriously overgrown. The cats were starting to use certain parts of the camp and were not using the whole camp, so that is why I’m opening it up and I want this to be a yearly thing. (See picture below, Sidney – on the right - in action)

photo BFF/Shamwari

Otherwise the cats are doing very well and look great. Pitou and Sirius have been spotted frequently sitting on their platform by our rangers driving past the Born Free centre in the evenings, however during the day we would see only Pitou mainly as Sirius loves his privacy since he arrived here at our centre. I have no problem with this, but sometimes I do worry if I do not see him for a day, but there is noting that a cream Land rover can’t sort out! As soon as I drive around to the back with the landi and after waiting for ten minutes he wound appear slowly out of the bushes and looks around if I did have dropped off any meat for him. That is the only way I will get a glimpse of him during my fence patrols. (See picture of Pitou below)

Photo BFF/Shamwari

Sinbad is looking good and more and more guests are asking of a possibility of getting a partner for him , well I agree that this is a good idea however we will need to get a very suitable partner for him, because of his tiny size and conformation problems. I know BFF UK is working hard on this request.

Photo BFF/Shamwari

Ma Juah and Achee are super together and already are spending more time in the area that has been cleared. They are loving it and our guest have been seeing more of them too. During my fence patrol only MJ was seen as Achee was sleeping somewhere. I think she was feeling a bit cold that is why she is in the thickets, normally she is out, or it could be she is looking for Sinbad, as he has been very vocal lately.( see picture of MJ below in area that has been cleared )

photo BFF/Shamwari

Triplets, they are always out and about, they starting to look as if they have lost some weight slowly. Well, that is what Murray, our vet thinks; I have my comments reserved at this stage as I work with my cats every day and see them every day so they still look the same. At this stage the triplets are getting 2.5kg of red meat each three times a week, must say they got use to this eating routine and have no problem with this. During feeding days they are always eager to get their food and we still give Sami separately from Alam and Nimira as he is very mischievous.  (see picture below of the triplets – Sami in front, Alam to the left and Nimira to the right)

Photo BFF / Shamwari

Aslan and Stella, well they are good and the other week we had to fix all the electric strands in their camp as they were too loose and needed tightening. Well it was not easy for Errol’s crew to do the job with ease as Aslan is known for his aggressive reputation, at the end all went well and we go to do what we wanted.


There is not much I can report at this stage as I have been busy here at the Julie Ward Centre most of the time; however Martin reports that our young lioness Marina had her first season a few days ago – it was Sarnia who came into season for the first time nearly two weeks ago - and Brutus was once again the happiest cat ever. Well Shada was still keeping an eye on them during mating and occasionally charged the fence disturbing them.

Maboetie managed to get a picture from a safe distance, while Brutus and Marina were playing before mating and Sarnia was in the back ground.



photo BFF/Shamwari

Otherwise, Jools and Jerry, and Kuma the leopard are all well, and we are trying to get the Cyprus leopards together in one photo,

Till next time


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