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Jean Byrd Cats Blog – October 2011

Written by Martin Miritiawo

We had quite a number of people who came to visit the Jean Byrd Centre this month.  It’s wonderful to know that people are learning about the work the Born Free Foundation is doing. As for us here we are doing well and our cats are too.  One of the adoptive parents of Shada came to pay us another visit.  Her name is Bryony Hedly and she was so happy to see Shada once more.

Shada – rescued from a French circus November 2006

Shada has been with us five years now – she arrived on 3rd November, 2006.  She is doing well as usual.  She likes to relax in the open spaces especially on the grass close to the platform.  She seems to be fine with those of us who work with her on daily basis, but the moment she sees strangers approaching, she gets up and walks slowly towards the middle of her enclosure.   Sometimes she enters inside the shelter or sits and observes from a distance. Just recently she was not interested at going inside her hospital camp during feed time, so we left her food inside - only later to see her inside the hospital camp eating her food.

Brutus and Marina.  Brutus was rescued from a French circus December 2007; Marina was rescued from Romania April 2008.

These two are doing well. They follow each other most of the time - although Brutus does minimal movements during the day, he looks at Marina investigating around the camp and when she gets tired he goes and sleeps besides her. And Marina does the same: she finds Brutus wherever he is and then they will sit together; they really like each other. We still separate them during feeding in case Brutus tries to steal her food.  Marina likes to be in the hospital camp during feed time and Brutus will be in the main camp. He takes his food behind the hospital camp not far from Marina. When he is done eating he will come and sit by the gate, close to her, waiting for her to come out.

Kuma – rescued from Abidjan Zoo, Ivory Coast, March 1999

Kuma is spending more time at the top of his enclosure just lately, only coming down when he wants his food.  We often hear him ‘rasping’ though, so we know he is fine. I took this photo of Kuma relaxing at his favourite spot at the top of his enclosure, quite close to the fence.  He is looking good and he seems to be quite comfortable with my presence.

Leda and Rhea, rescued from Limassol Zoo in June 2009

Leda - the old mum is doing well, she is still as strong as ever. These days she is not interested hanging at the bottom of her enclosure. The jungle gym seems to be one of her favourate spots especially when she is hungry. She goes up to see what’s going on around her, checking for the vehicle that brings her food.  She also likes to be in the hospital camp. When our guests arrive, we hardly ever see her, she likes to hide then but sometimes she does surprise us by coming out unexpectedly walking with her tail up in the air.

Rhea – she too spends time at the top of her enclosure and comes down to the hospital camp – she likes using both enclosures.  When in the hospital camp she sits on top of her ‘kennel’ looking around and when in the main enclosure she sits on top of the shelter.  If it gets hot she disappears into the bushes to avoid the heat of the day.

Born free rescued animals lioness

Jools and Jerry – rescued from Buhusi Zoo, Romania, August 2007

This time I couldn’t get a picture of them together as I usually do. They just wanted to spend time hanging in different places. They are doing well together, still no fighting over food. Jerry is a bit lazy these days, I think this heat is slowing him down, he comes slowly after Jools to get his food. Jools as usual she is always excited, running after the vehicle.  She loves her food and she eats well.


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