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Julie Ward Big Cat Diary October 2012

Man, days are going by so quickly lately. October has been a fun month; lots of rain, the Bushman’s river is flowing, you can hear it from the Centre.


The cats are looking great; they loved the rain they were playing in it, grooming each other, life is just good!


Here is our Land Rover ( ‘Elsa’) just outside the Jean Byrd Centre close to Alicedale. She is supposed to be white but as you all can see she is more Cornish cream, with all the rain and mud we’ve been having, she has been great!
The lodge in the background is Sarili Lodge, not far from the Julie Ward Centre. Normally there is not much water in the river but now it is flowing big time.

Sinbad:, rescued from a Romanian Zoo in 2007
He is doing very well .  He has so many admirers around the world; just the other day we had some guests from the USA to see him.  Man, that family loved him so.  Here are some pictures of Sinbad.  He was taking a mid afternoon siesta and I managed to zoom all the way to his face.

Adopt Sinbad

He is the man… Sinbad!

Sirius: rehomed from Monaco in 2008
He is looking really good; he is a very handsome leopard.  He is a very private cat too and likes to remain hidden.  Food he loves and does not waste any. Here is a picture that I really like of him, it must be one of the best so far, he is usually very much camera-shy. …

Sirius in the tall grass waiting for me to give him his food. He is a real good looking cat!
Here he comes out to get his food; during feeding every thing goes so quickly and you have to be fast if you want to take a photo as he would grab his food and take off.

Ma Juah, rescued from a Liberian zoo in 2004, and Achee, rehomed from a private owner in Romania in 2004.

Achee has been very vocal lately and Ma Juah has been following her all over the place. They do spend more time now in front of the platform where our guests get a chance of seeing them, and this means they can also see and be seen by Sinbad next door, in this part of their enclosure.  I have not noted any aggression from Ma Juah towards Sinbad lately.  Sinbad still tries his best to get their attention and he will roll on his back in front of them, and Achee returns his interest but ja what can we do?…. We don’t want to risk this rather weak male lion even playing with powerful Achee and a possibly aggressive Ma Juah, so the fences remain between them. 

The pictures show Achee was trying to annoy Ma Juah, but I think I spoiled it for her, sorry girl.

You can adopt Achee & Ma Juah here

Here is a picture of Achee trying to jo pounce on MJ but I think I spoilt it for her by turning up, and then she started to focus on me
I think MJ already knew what she was up to.

Sami, Alam and Nimira, the leopard triplets, found motherless in the Sudan in 2001


Nimira is still spending a lot of time apart from her brothers, but on the odd day you will see her with the boys, she will even groom them.  During feeding she does not take any nonsense from them, even top cat Sami knows that… he must back off.

Here are some pictures of them separately, I will try to get some of them together soon.


Adopt the Leopard Triplets

Sami relaxing in the shade.
Here is Nimira, being herself.
Alam, scent-marking his turf.

Brutus, rescued from a French circus in 2008, and Marina, rescued from a Romanian zoo in 2008.

Their bond remains as strong as ever.

Our Guests

Here is Steve and Sally Braham visiting us at the Julie Ward Centre. Steve knows Will Travers very well and when young they drove all over Africa in a Land Rover.
Marina has some visitors - here is Matt Keane and his daughter Kariella and wife Astrid. Matt met Marina when she was still little cub, and hasn’t seen her since until this visit.
This was a special moment for all that were on duty that day – an unexpected visit from John Ward, father of Julie Ward who was murdered in Kenya. The Julie Ward Centre was built in Julie’s memory. Mr Ward met Catherine, Martin and Sidney. I heard he was thrilled to see Centre and was very impressed to see the tree that was planted here by Julie’s mother, Jan Ward, during the opening of the Centre in 1999, was still growing well.

Message from Martin Miritawo:

I had a fantastic time with Madeline Bennet and David Ludlow, Sinbad’s adoptive parents, who came in unexpectedly with their friends. They have been supporting Sinbad for two years now, but this is the first time they have seen him. It was really a remarkable moment for them to meet him and to see how lovely he is.  See the picture below.

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