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Jean Byrd Centre Diary Nov 2012

Hello everyone hope you are all good. As for us at Jean Byrd Centre we are fine and our cats seem to be enjoying good health.

Shada, rescued from a French circus in 2006
She is doing just fine as usual and she is using the whole enclosure. She loves sleeping in the bushes during the day away from the sun. And she is taking her food well.


Kuma, rescued from an Ivory Coast zoo in 1999
He spends most of his time resting in the canopy of a tree at the top of his camp. The picture below was taken just before feeding, he was anxiously waiting for his food.


Kuma (c)Shamwari/BFF

Leda and her daughter Rhea, rescued from Limassol Zoo in 2009
Leda below was coming out of the bushes to get her food. She looks good and her daughter Rhea also doing well.


Leda - (c) Shamwari/BFF
Rhea - (c) Shamwari/BFF

Jools and her son Jerry, rescued from a Romanian zoo in 2007
Jerry sleeping behind his mother, he just wanted to sleep’ he was not interested in me. They both are fine and enjoy sleeping a lot.


Jools and Jerry
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