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May 2010

report by Maboetie

Shada the lioness - Rescued from French circus November 2006

Shada is very relaxed and when I do my daily pat rol every morning, she isalways out in the open, wait ing for the sun to rise up. Now it is Autumn/Winterhere the sun rises later then normal Shada will wait for the sun to hit that spot inthe open, and that is where we see her. During the afternoon she is moreact ive; you will see her watching Brutus and Marina – well, especially Brutus.She cannot take her eyes off him, and will roar , and somet imes she will runalong the dividing fence line. I think she would like to be with him.

Shada - Photo BFF/Shamwari

Kuma the leopard - Rescued from Abidjan Zoo in Cote d’Ivoire March 1999

Kuma is still at our veterinary hospital at Amanzi, still recovering froma broken leg. He is fine, seems very relaxed around us when herealizes we aren’t going to dart him again, and will even fall asleepwhen we are nearby. He is eating well too.

Brutus and Marina - Brutus was rescued from a French circus in April 2008, Marina was found abandoned in Romania as a cub and arrived at Shamwari in April 2008 too.

Brutus and Marina are fine, and their relationship is getting stronger and stronger. When we check them over in the morning and afternoon, Marina will stalk us and become very excited and then runs back to play with Brutus. During the day you will always see them sleeping together, while in the past they were always separate.

Brutus and Marina - Photo BFF/Shamwari

Jools and Jerry - Rescued from a Romanian Zoo in August 2007

Jools and Jerry are very supportive of each other. They are always to be seentogether, sleeping or awake. They like to sleep in the same spot in front of theirhospital camp especially after they have just eaten and are full of food. Duringfeeding time the boy respects his mother; he will let his mother grab the meatfirst and she when she has gone off then he would come for his. They becomevery excited when they spot the Cyprus leopards, they get closer to the fenceand stare at them. They don’t show any aggression, however, Jools being Jools,it is hard to know what she is thinking most of the time.

Jools and Jerry - Photo BFF/Shamwari

Leda & Rhea and Roxanni - Rescued from Limassol Zoo in Cyprus, June 2009

All three are doing well, mum, Leda is still in the main camp to stop her being bullied by Rhea, and she looks great, she loves her food! The sisters are still in the hospital camps. Rhea gets so excited during feed time, she st ill charges the fence, but she is a litt le bit less aggressive. She is okay when there is no food around, but we st ill keep a distance from her in case we agitate her. Well the girls are well too, just Rhea that is working with us for a change.

Rhea - Photo BFF/Shamwari
Rhea feeding on the roof of her house in her hospital camp, keeping an eye on us!
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