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Jean Byrd Diary March 2012

Written by Martin Miritiawo

The month of March was exciting as we had several special guests. It was great to see some of the Born Free team from the UK, together with Queen guitarist Brian May and singer Kerry Ellis – see pride-of-capetown.  Also, one of Shada’s adoptive parents, Brenda Law, came to spend some time with Shada.

Shada - rescued from a French circus in 2006

Shada is doing well, but initially, after the relocation of her neighbours (Brutus and Marina were transferred to the Julie Ward Centre on 24th March) she seemed to be missing their presence.  She would walk from the water trough to the hospital camp looking towards their enclosure. I think she was wondering what happened to them as she was used to stalking Marina through the fence. But now she seemed to have put everything behind her and she is her usual self.  One of her adoptive parents, Brenda Law, came to visit her and Shada came to sit close to the fence by us, yawning, walking a little bit, very relaxed.  It was absolutely stunning.

Kuma – rescued from Abidjan Zoo, Ivory Coast, in March 1999

Everyone who comes to visit us here loves Kuma.  Seeing him walking through his enclosure he looks stunning.  Early in the morning he is often seen walking past the viewing deck. If we don’t see him by the bottom fence we know where to find him: at the very top of his enclosure close to the fence where there is more privacy.  Interacting with his neighbours is not an interest to him.  His food is his priority!

Leda and Rhea – rescued from Limassol Zoo in 2009

Leda - photo (c) BFF / Shamwari
Rhea - photo (c) BFF/Shamwari

Leda, the old mum seems to be doing well and enjoying her privacy. The picture is showing her behind the bush as she was coming to get her food. She loves it and eats it eagerly. We always worry about her because of her age but she is going strong and healthy not even on a single day does she show signs of being weak, she is lovely.

And on the other side her daughter Rhea is doing just great in her enclosure. She also seems to be enjoying her space without any disturbances. She is using the whole enclosure; sometimes we do see her sitting on top of the shelter in the main camp grooming herself. During feeding she waits by the hospital camp for her food and she eats well, even the bones she licks them clean. See their pictures above.


Jools and Jerry – rescued from Buhusi Zoo, Romania in 2007

Jools and Jerry always look happy together follow each other everywhere they go.  They need each other.  I often see them together playing. Jerry still respects his mother; he stands at a distance during feeding time observing and then come afterwards to get his food. No fighting over food and they enjoy it very well.

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