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The Jean Byrd Centre Diary

March 2011

Written by Martin Miritiawo

Brutus and Marina

Brutus rescued from a French circus in 2008, and Marina rescued from Romania, also in 2008

Brutus and Marina (c) BFF / Shamwari

Marina was playing with Brutus when I took this picture; she was leaping at him, trying to pull his mane from the back. Brutus was becoming a bit agitated with this game, as you can see his mouth wide open expressing his opinion clearly and openly. Well, this didn’t last for a long time, he was becoming more and more vocal and Marina quickly got the message that it was time to stop disturbing him.

From there she went to sit close to the middle of the camp in the bushes, Brutus followed her. Then she came up to him and gave him a smack as though to say, “Why are you following me? He slept beside her, for real they like each other so much.


Rescued from a French circus in 2006

(c) BFF / Shamwari
Shada looking out across the reserve

Recently she was so interested in the northern pride of wild lions which was just outside our sanctuary perimeter fence for about two days. She was not even interested in her food as usual. During that time we put her food in the hospital camp and checked the following day to see if she had eaten it, which she had.  She eats well, but at her own time.

She is still hanging around the bottom fence, as I write at the end of the month, still looking for the wild lions we think.


Rescued from Abidjan Zoo, Ivory Coast, in 1999

Kuma is doing well, he is coming more often to the bottom especially when people are around his enclosure, which is interesting as he used to be so private. Guests are amazed by him and what he does. He likes to move back and forth in front of the viewing deck while people stand watching him and all of a sudden he would lay on the ground and fall asleep. He appears relaxed and comfortable and when it comes to his food he eats it eagerly.

(c) BFF/Shamwari
(c) BFF/Shamwari

Leda and Rhea

Rescued from Limassol Zoo in June 2009

Leda; always calm, walking confidently with her tail right up in the air. She looks very strong although she is well advanced in years. One afternoon while I was checking the fence she seemed utterly unconcerned at my approach. She rolled on her back, all four paws in the air and dozed off while I was looking at her. She is really amazing.

(c) BFF / Shamwari

Rhea is doing well. 

She likes to hide herself when people approach. During fence checks she does stalk us, sometimes hiding herself inside the bushes. Leaping at the fence during feeding is now a thing of the past. She waits inside a bush for us to poke her meat through and then she comes to get it, but she still snarls at us. She hangs around at the top of her enclosure, but the moment she gets hungry she comes down to the hospital camp to try and catch birds. She is an expert in catching birds.

Jools and Jerry

Rescued from Buhusi Zoo in Romania in August 2007

(c) BFF / Shamwari

Jools and Jerry were sleeping close to the hospital camp, it was a cloudy and cool day, they just looked at me as if posing for the photo shot and then went back to enjoy their sleep. They are doing well together.  If the weather is cool and not sunny they like to sleep in open areas and when it’s drizzling they hide themselves inside the shelter in the main camp or in the hospital camp. Jools skin is looking good at the moment and they both eat their food well without fighting each other.

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