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Julie Ward Centre June 2010

Report by Glen Vena

Pitou and Sirius

Our two leopards from Monaco Zoo - They are doing very well, look good too. Now and then Pitou comes in season and will make a nuisance of herself with Sirius. Well he just lies there and lets Pitou climb all over him until she leaves him alone, no aggression showed towards her at all. That’s a boy! He is a good looking leopard too, the black round his mouth makes him look like he has a permanent smile on his face.

We feed them during feeding times in the hospital camp as we want to get Sirius comfortable with this so when we need to get him in there it will be easy. However, at the moment it is not easy! He doesn’t like being in there and will pace until he is let out. So, for now we are just feeding him in there without shutting the sliding gates and when we think he is relaxed and ready we will test it out by closing him in again. If we do this too soon and does not work he might not want to go in again. I’ll keep you all posted.

Photo Glen Vena
Sirius in front and Pitou back. Sirius was very grumpy with me, well my fault they were sleeping and I disturbed them.
Photo Glen Vena
Pitou in front & Sirius walking away. I took this with my mobile phone during my fence patrol.


Our little lion rescued from Romania.  He looks good.  These days he is also spending more time in the hospital camp. Perhaps the sun hits there earlier which is welcome in our cold winter.  We had some veterinary students visit the other day, and Sinbad put on quite a territorial display, walking round with his bone in his mouth, growling at us, marking his turf, looking like a real mean lion, despite his size.  Sinbad has become very strong and independent.

Ma Juah and Achee:

Our lions with the nervous problems from their poor earlier diet: Ma Juah rescued from the Ivory Coast and Achee from Romania.  The girls are doing very well; still spend most of their time at the back of their enclosure. They seem to be happy with this arrangement. Achee is very playful during fence patrols and will go running on ahead; well I have to say this is good exercise for both of us, with me trying to keep up!  MJ is very protective over Achee, so she will be following us, mind you, she is very fast on her paws if she wants to be!   There were a few bushes that she leapt over with out any problem.   Her power, despite her weak spine and back legs had me speechless.  It is amazing how these lions have got such a lot stronger over the years they have been with us.

They love their food, but I do not make the mistake of getting myself in to trouble with the Vets by giving them extra treats!

Triplets – Sami, Alam and Nimira:

Our leopards rescued from the Sudan.  They are as mischievous as ever.  Alam is still the top cat, with gentle Sami at the bottom of the pecking order, as even little Nimira bosses him about.  She bit him on the tail the other day, for standing in her way but then later I saw her letting Sami groom her and they both looked very relaxed.  Our guests nearly always get to see them when they visit our centres, as these hand-reared leopards are very human-friendly.

Nimira. Picture taken by journalist Caroline Hurry

Aslan and Stella

Our two geriatrics!  Both rescued from Greek zoos.  They have been especially vocal lately; we hear them roaring a lot.  We don’t see them very often apart from on food days and now I have to sound the horn on our vehicle to attract Aslan’s attention, as he is getting a bit deaf. They look good though, when we do see them, and are still very keen on their food.


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