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Julie Ward Big Cat Diary 2012

Written by Glen Vena, Animal Care Manager

We had the MD of Jaguar/Land Rover Sub-Saharan Africa, Kevin Flint, here at our centres to hand over a new Defender 130 pickup for the project. We are really grateful to keep being given a new vehicle, as without the Land Rover keeping us on the move, it would be almost impossible completing the many tasks it is used for at our Centres. The Land Rover is versatile in so many ways, from transporting our BFF guests, transporting our cats, collecting food for our cats, using its immense capacity to muck out our camps, and much more.

In memory of Elsa the lioness, Kevin, JP (the Land Rover Game Viewer Marketing and Distribution Manager) and Lesley (the Land Rover PR and Media Manager) and our animal care team we have named the land rover “Elsa” It is just my thing, I like to name our vehicles as they form such a big part of our lives every day at work and they go beyond what is expected of them.

It was fun taking the LR Team around the BFF Centres and showing them what are we are all about and introducing them to all the rescued cats. What was so nice for me was that Kevin shared the same vision with us at BFF and to have that kind of practical and emotional support is really great.

Left to right: Kevin, Catherine, Sidney, Headman and me with “Elsa”
Kevin on Landy with lion for the Pride of Cape Town exhibition

Big Cats

All the cats are looking very well.

Sirius re-homed from Monaco Zoo in January 2008
He is looking good. I was busy helping Martin with a tour of school kids the other day and Sirius came out of nowhere to say hi to us and disappeared again just like that. It was unusual to see him when there are strangers around so this was a bonus.

Sinbad rescued from a Romanian Zoo in August 2007
He too is looking good and we have been lucky to see a lot of him. For me it looks like his mane has grown bigger around his neck and chest area, I sure with the summer coming he is going to loose some of that as he is grooming himself lately a lot.

Sinbad – he has just woken up!

Achee and Ma Juah. Achee was rehomed from a private owner in Romania in 2004, and Ma Juah rescued from a zoo in Liberia, also in 2004
Both of them are very vocal lately although, as usual, we rarely get to see them when we have guests with us, they spend most of time in the middle of the camp or at the back. They always accompany our team on fence patrols though.

Triplets: Sami, Alam and Nimira, found motherless in the Sudan in 2001
They look good and are very fond of each other, it is just during feeding that Sami would throw his weight around if we didn’t separate him from his brother and sister. Nothing else to report!

That’s Alam!

Brutus and Marina. Brutus was rescued from a French circus in 2008 and Marina from a Romanian zoo, also in 2008
All is well with the love birds! I noted Brutus wanting to make love with Marina and once or twice she will let him mount her, however on the third attempt she will smack him right in the face and he will jump off her and give a big growl and go sit under a tree and groom himself, then after a few seconds she will join him and they will sit together and she will rub her head against his and play with him, but he will not try to mate her again.

Here is Marina wrestling Brutus, good times!
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