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Report by Martin Miritiawo, July 2010

Brutus, the lion from France and Marina, the lioness from Romania

They have established a strong bond and spend much time together, playing with each other most of the time.  When we have to separate them during feeding time, they do miss each other.  As soon as Brutus is done with his food he will come and sit at the back of the hospital camp close to Marina, waiting for her to come out.  When she gets out she will run straight to him; playing and doing whatever she can to show him how much she appreciates him  being there.  She also likes to hang around the viewing deck when guests are present which is so exciting for the guests.

Shada, the lioness from France

Her favorite spot these days is the bottom right corner of the camp close to the fence. Sometimes she will come to relax under the shade close to the middle of the camp. She gets excited at feed time and will run alongside the vehicle going to her hospital camp.  She is also interested in stalking animals grazing along the perimeter fence line.

Shada - Photo Shamwari/BFF

Kuma, the leopard from Ivory Coast

Kuma is eating well and spends most of his time relaxing. He is still limping a little, especially when he runs but there are signs of recovery and he is getting better day by day. I normally hear Kuma rasping in the early hours of the morning.  Even if I do not see him, I will be aware that he is around.

Kuma - Photo C.Wright/BFF

Leda, Rhea and Roxanne, the leopards from Limassol

These three are still separated from each other, as they have become very territorial since arriving at Shamwari.  Mum Leda will sometimes come and sit near the adjoining fences of both of her daughters, but more often with Roxanni.  When she does this Roxanni will roll on her back and snarl, but submissively.  Rhea was very quick the other day, she caught a dove, I found the feathers in her enclosure.

Jools and Jerry, the lions from Romania

Jools’ skin is looking well these days.  We now think she might get an allergy to a biting flying in the summer, as her coats looks glossy and thick in winter.  She is never seen scratching though, which is good.  These two enjoy sleeping together.  When it is sunny they prefer to sleep on top of the shelter to get the most of the winter sun. Jerry these days prefers to eat his food besides the water trough and Jools will take hers to the bushes. They are not fighting over food rather they give each other a turn to take food; especially Jerry.

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