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Jean Byrd Centre December 2010

Report by Martin Miritiawo

Jean Byrd, the sponsor of our Centre, came to visit us with her friends during Christmas time. It was really good having them around.

I also had guests who have been to Limassol Zoo some 3- 4 years back they were so happy to see the leopards in their new home.


Rescued from a French circus in 2006

Shada spends most of her time at the bottom right corner of her camp sleeping; recently she has been interested in watching Brutus and Marina mating. She would come close to the fence watching them every time, pacing as if she wants to join them. Sometimes she stalks the impalas grazing outside in the main reserve.

In the mornings and evenings I hear her roaring and during the day when it’s hot she hides herself from the heat of the sun in the thick bushes in her enclosure. She comes to the hospital camp during feeding.

She is eating her food well; although she doesn’t it eat upon receiving it. She prefers to eat later when it’s cool.

Photo BFF/Shamwari

Brutus and Marina

Brutus was rescued from a French circus in 2008 and Marina was rescued from Romania in 2008

Brutus was mating with Marina recently. Well, during that time Brutus didn’t want us to get close them, he was being overprotective. Even during feeding it was not an easy thing to separate them as he did not want Marina to move away from him and would try to pin her down with his paws. The process lasted for a few days, but not more than a week.

At the moment everything is back to normal and Brutus doesn’t see us as competition anymore.  They spend much time together, playing with each other most of the time. They do miss each other especially when we separate them during feeding time. As soon as Brutus is done with his food he will come and sit behind the hospital camp close to Marina waiting for her to come out.

However, when she gets out she will run straight to him; playing and leaping at him, whatever she can do to show him how much she appreciates him being around. She also likes to hang around the deck when guests are present and this will be so exciting to our guests. Every morning she makes sure to follow me around the enclosure, running in front with excitement.

Photo BFF/Shamwari
Brutus and Marina


Rescued from Abidjan Zoo, Ivory Coast in 1999

Kuma seems to be excited with guests. He usually comes down from the top when people are around. He would move around the viewing deck area marking his territory and snarling at the same time. Kuma looks fine, he walks without limping now. He also doesn’t really give much attention to the Limassol leopards next door, he just walks along the fence and goes up to sleep. He is eating well and also spending much time relaxing in his camp.

Photo BFF/Shamwari

Leda, and her daughters Rhea and Roxanne

Rescued from Limassol Zoo in May 2009

The girls seem to enjoying life more now their enclosure has been divided in three – well, Roxanne and Leda do.  Roxanne spends more time at the top, she hardly comes down to her sister. She is not interacting or showing interest in Rhea at the moment, she is trying by all means to isolate herself from the others. On the other side Rhea is trying to deal with the situation without her sister nearby.  She was used to see Roxanne close by and she hangs around the hospital camp and if she sees her she tries to call her, but Roxanne doesn’t pay attention she just moves away and disappears in the bushes.   This is more natural behaviour for leopards.

Leda is doing fine too.  Her part of the camp is next door to Rhea and nothing much is happening between her and Rhea besides looking at each other from a distance.  I haven’t seen her trying to interact with Rhea.

Photos BFF/Shamwari

Jools and Jerry

Rescued from Buhusi Zoo in Romania in August 2007

Jools is looking very well; she looks just beautiful.  She gets excited with food -the moment she grabs her portion of meat she runs without stopping and it’s so exciting when she does that. She likes to eat inside the bushes, while Jerry likes to eat his meat besides the water trough. Every time he gets the food he goes straight to the water trough. That’s the only time these two get separated, and after feeding they stay together again. Jools likes to be in the sun especially in the afternoon, sleeping together with Jerry; they enjoy this much. They never leave each other; we always see them together, no fighting over food. They like to sleep on top of the shelter in the hospital camp sometimes.

It’s good to see them together, they enjoy each other’s company. Jools had a small wound on her front left leg, but it has healed.

See their picture below

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