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Jean Byrd Centre Diary August 2012

August was a good month as we had several special people visiting us, Alberto Lena, Kuma’s old friend and Jean Byrd, the sponsor of our centre, not forgetting adoptive parents Janine Harman and Doris and Alan Spence who came to visit us and to spend some time with ‘their’ cats. Janine has adopted Shada and Kuma at the Jean Byrd Centre, so she was really happy to see them and to spend some quality time with all the cats. Read more about Kuma and Alberto here:

Jean Byrd Centre looks beautiful with the royal carpet coming up slowly

Shada, rescued from a French circus in November 2006

A few days ago as I was walking along the fence checking the voltage and water in the trough; and Shada followed me all the way, she was in a playful mood, full of fun and high spirits. She was running ahead of me and then sitting on the ground waiting for me to approach and then she would run off again. There are certain days when she enjoys human companionship and others when she just wants to relax by herself without being disturbed.

Shada in her main enclosure

Leda and her daughter Rhea, rescued from Limassol Zoo in Greece in June 2009

As usual the ladies are doing well; we get to see them most of the time.  They both like to hang around their hospital camps when hungry, since it is the place where we feed them.

Leda; the old mama is thriving.  She makes good use of her enclosure, marking her territory. Recently I saw her on top of her platform, enjoying a general body stretch before descending.  She came towards the fence walking slowly, but confidently. It is really beautiful to see the way she carries herself.

Rhea; she is shy, always looking through the bushes. She does not want to come out in the open when people are around. She has her own favourite spot in the hospital camp, where she sits inside the bushes looking at what’s going on around. During feeding she waits in the bushes and soon after she sees her food she emerges to get it.

Leda on the run to get her food
Rhea looking through the bushes

Jools and Jerry, mother and son rescued from Buhusi Zoo in Romania in August 2007

Jerry in the main enclosure

They look happy together and seem to enjoy each others company following each other wherever they go. The relationship between them is remarkable, with no aggression even when feeding.  Unfortunately, once again I could not get a nice picture them together, which is strange as they are rarely apart!  Hopefully in my next blog you will see her.

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