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Jean Byrd Centre Diary August 2011

Compiled by: Martin Miritiawo


This month everything was fine and all the cats are doing great. We had a group of students from World Wide Experience who came to help us with the feeding, picking up the bones and faeces and also cleaning the water trough in Brutus and Marina’s main camp.

Shada, rescued from a French circus in 2006

Shada (c) BFF Shamwari

Shada above in a playful mood. After running back and forth in her enclosure during the fence check she came to sit close to her water trough looking at us. She seems to be in a happy mood early in the morning. She still prefers hanging around at the bottom corner of her enclosure, but when it gets hot she goes to sleep in the bushes nearby.

When feeding comes she lays waiting silently for her food without pacing unnecessarily and she eats it eagerly.

Brutus and Marina.  Brutus was rescued from a French circus and arrived in December 2007, and Marina arrived from Romania in April 2008

Brutus and marina (c) BFF Shamwari

Sitting at an open space they both seem to have one thing in their minds enjoy the moment in the sun. They both wanted to relax and were not interested in us, Marina was looking from a distance.  She is doing well and  as usual she loves her food much and playing with Brutus. Well, Brutus likes to relax most of the time with minimum movements!

Kuma, rescued from Abidjan Zoo in Ivory Coast in March 1999

Kuma (c) BFF/Shamwari

The above picture is Kuma sitting behind the bushes in his enclosure. He is spending more time by the bottom fence, out in the open, and he seems to like it a lot. These days he is very interested in the Land Rover and he runs after it every time we feed.  Only when its gone does he go back to eat his food. 

Leda, rescued from Limassol Zoo in June 2009 with her daughter Rhea

  • Leda in her main enclosure (c) BFF Shamwari

Mother and daughter are both doing well in their separate camps and we see them almost on daily basis. Rhea is using both the main camp and the hospital camp. When in the hospital camp she likes to sit on top of the kennel looking around and if she sees us coming she hides herself in the bushes. She is taking her food very well.

Sometimes I hear Leda, the old mum, rasping especially early in the morning. She likes to hang around in her main camp, at the bottom fence or in the middle.  She seems just to use the hospital camp during feeding time.

Jools and her son Jerry, rescued from Buhusi Zoo in Romania in August 2007

Jools (roaring) and Jerry (c) BFF Shamwari
Jools (roaring) and Jerry

Jools, above, caught in action.  She was roaring, looking towards Brutus and Marina’s camp. These days they spend more time sleeping in a shade away from the sun.  Jools’ skin looks good. And they eat their food very well – although they are both on a diet!

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