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Report by Martin Miritiawo, Animal Care Assistant

Pictures and captions by Glen Vena, Animal Care Manager

The weather has been quite changeable. There were times when it was cold and sunny especially in the beginning of the month. And windy throughout the month.  Rains came towards the end of the month.

Students from World Wide Experience came to help with camp cleaning; that is picking up the bones and cleaning the water troughs.


The Lioness we rescued from a French circus

Shada spends most of her time at the bottom right corner of her camp sleeping; she goes up the hillside during feeding. These days she is not interested in interacting with Brutus and Marina, she prefers stalking the warthogs and impalas that can be seen outside her camp.

In the mornings and evenings I hear her powerful roaring. During the day she hides herself from the sun inside the shelter or sometimes behind the shelter in her enclosure. She is eating her food well; although sometimes she gets so excited she doesn’t it eat upon receiving it. She prefers to eat later when the sun goes down. She also gets fascinated with the vehicle that we feed from and every time we feed, she follows the vehicle.

Brutus and Marina

Brutus the lion was rescued from a French circus and Marina, a young lioness, was found abandoned as a cub in Romania

Marina; always full of energy.  She spends a lot of time with Brutus, playing with him, and they can often be seen grooming one another.  No signs of being in season at the moment. These two they really like each other. I see it when we separate them during feeding. Brutus would come and sleep close to the hospital camp waiting for Marina to come out. The moment she gets out she will run and leap at him scratching his head with her paws. Brutus will do the same but he will be very gentle with her.

When he is not playing with Marina, Brutus likes to sleep a lot especially inside the shelter or close to the water trough and sometimes close to the viewing deck and also in the hospital camp.

Brutus, he is a real good looking lion, I must say!


The ex-pet leopard rescued from an Ivory Coast zoo

Kuma spends most of his time relaxing at the top of his camp. He is recovering very well from the leg fracture, he can walk without difficulties, and sometimes he lifts the leg when he runs. He is also getting interest in Leda, when he is marking his territory he would stop and take sometime sitting close to the fence looking at her.

bff/Glen Vena
Kuma waiting for his food

Leda, Roxanne and Rhea

The leopard family rescued from Limassol Zoo in Cyprus

Roxanni and Rhea are still in the hospital camps and their mum, Leda lives in the main camp.  They are separated to stop them fighting.

Rhea is not as aggressive with us as she used to be; she doesn’t leap at the fence a lot, but she still doesn’t want us to get close to the fence when she’s got food.   She knows the food routine now:  when she sees our vehicle coming with the meat, she runs to sit behind the bush in hospital camp two, giving us ample space to poke her food in hosp camp one. She does this every time we feed.

Roxanne - she is always; calm what she does is to wait and see, she is never in a hurry.  She doesn’t pay much attention to us during feeding. Roxanne prefers to wait for us to poke her food through and she would then come and take it.  

Leda - while checking the fences I saw her following Kuma all the way going up the camp, she was interested and curious to see where he was going. When Kuma disappeared into the bushes she went on the jungle gym still looking for him. Leda likes hiding herself especially when she is full, and sleeps most of the time, only coming out to get her food.  She is an old lady but she is looking strong and healthy.

Jools and Jerry

Jools and her son were rescued from a zoo in Romania

These two lions like each other so much, they are always together. It’s now starting to get warm in the afternoons so they like to hide in the shelter inside the hospital camp or in the bushes close to the water trough. Jools looks just beautiful.  She gets excited with food; the moment she grabs her portion of meat she runs without stopping and it’s so exciting when she does that. She likes to eat inside the bushes, while Jerry likes to eat his meat besides the water trough. Every time he gets the food he goes straight to the water trough.

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