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Report by Sidney Clay, Animal Care Assistant
Photos and captions by Glen Vena, Animal Care Manager

Pitou and Sirius

Our two leopards rehomed from Monaco Zoo

The two of them are doing very well. Most of the time Pitou will let herself be seen, but Sirius is not always there to show himself. In the afternoon when we have a program for school children at 2h30, that’s usually the only time we see him outside feed times; maybe Sirius prefers kids to adults. When feeding he used to hide and come only when we take off with the vehicle, but lately he comes out even if we stand there and wait for him. They are both good and they eat without any problem. They now get 1.75kg meat each, three times a week – reduced rations!

© Glen Vena/bff
Aaa! This is Sirius, snapped this while I was doing my fence patrol, I think he got a big shock when he saw me, he did not see me coming for a change, so got to take this picture of my boy!
© Glen Vena/bff
Pitou in front and Sirius in the back ground, they look really well.


Rescued from Bacau Zoo in Romania

He is good and eats well. We are waiting for his hospital enclosures sliding gate to be replaced because the existing one got rusted and he pulled one or two bars off the gate. He also seems to love children because when we have a group of them, even if he had been hiding in the bushes, he will come out slowly and lie in front of the viewing deck. Perhaps he understands the children are more vulnerable, more easy prey!  He will roll on his back and looking up at the kids he will yawn and lie down on his side. He gets 5kg food three times a week, and he eats well but after he’s received his food he wants to be alone.  If we come to his enclosure after a feed day, we can hear him growling in the bushes, warning us off his bones.

Sinbad - The Man. In the mornings he loves to sun himself and during this time he doesn’t like to be disturbed at all!

Ma Juah and Achee

Ma Juah rescued from a zoo in Liberia, and Achee from a private home in Romania

These two girls have a very tight bond and MJ is so protective over Achee. Most of the time they are together. They like to be at the back of their enclosure or in the hospital enclosure. When they are down at the bottom they like to be under the bushes close to the water trough. Achee likes to play and when feeding she likes to persuade us to play with her. They each get 5kg meat, three times a week and they eat well without any problems. They look good and healthy.

Here is one of Ma Juah. Achee was not so co-operative this time, they like to be at the back of their camp.

Sami, Alam and Nimira

Found motherless in the Sudan

Other than their weight which is a concern, they are doing very well. They are life savers when we are showing guests round, because they can be almost guaranteed to put in an appearance and seem to enjoy posing for pictures! When we do a fence patrol they follow us most of the time too.  They now each get 1.75kg food three times a week, and if we stay for little longer they finish the food and come back asking for more but unfortunately for them we have to stick to vets’ orders and keep to their diet.

Sami and Nimira, Nimira is on her back. She still respects big brother, however if she gets really cross with him she will give him such a hard smack that Sami has to run off.

Aslan and Stella

Rescued from zoos in Greece

They were darted for a health check on 26th August.  Stella has lost quite a lot of teeth, which may be one of the reasons she has lost a bit of condition, the vets say, and Aslan has lost a bit of condition too.  However, considering they are elderly lions, they are doing really well.  They eat their food well without any problems.   We have moved them to a temporary enclosure while we are doing repairs to their current enclosure, and building hospital quarters in case they need it in future.  They really seem relaxed in this temporary camp, rather than being nervous because it is somewhere new, and seem to be quite enjoying it there.

This picture was taken by Sidney on 27th, the day after they were darted.   Johan, our vet, spoiled them a bit - they got some nice impala meat.  So good seeing them together like this.
This picture was taken by Sidney on 27th, the day after they were darted. Johan, our vet, spoiled them a bit - they got some nice impala meat. So good seeing them together like this. © Sidney Clay/BFF/Shamwari
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