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Julie Ward Centre Blog April 2012

Written by Glen Vena

Things have been quiet at the centre which means we can do the garden and try to catch up on some maintenance issues.   There is a lot to do so we are tackling them one by one.

I have been helping on the education side too while Christine was on leave and it was great. I have met many youngsters and they were sooo interesting, however I still prefer the cats, they much easier to deal with, hehehe!

SIRIUS – rehomed from Monaco Zoo in 2008

He is looking extremely well and we see more and more of him during fence checks, and even, now and then, we would see him with guests. He is a very private cat. He really loves his privacy and that is fine by us.

Sirius, not sure if he wanted to be seen or not. This picture was taken by Meriam Choudhry, she came on the SCE program

SINBAD – rescued from a Romanian zoo in 2007

Well, he is looking good, but I noted he does not seem to cope well with the sudden changes of temperature we can get in Autumn (it is Autumn here now).  He can seem rather sluggish.  He doesn’t really like very hot weather, but when there is a long period of hot weather he seems to adapt, but at the moment when it is up and down he doesn’t seem to do so well with this.  Our vet, Dr Johan has been checking on him when he drives by in the evenings, long after we have left, so we are keeping an eye on him.

Otherwise, all is well with him and I have heard him roar a lot lately and Brutus would answer and then he would roar harder, I think we have a bit of a competition here!  It does not seem to be stressing him though, he is just letting everyone know he is the boss of his territory.  He has a special place in his camp where we see him sometimes, rolling on the grass and grooming himself, he is the king there!

Sinbad - Photo BFF/Shamwari

MA JUAH AND ACHEE – Ma Juah was rescued from Charles Taylor’s private zoo in Liberia in 1984, and Achee was rehomed from a private home in Romania, also in 2004.

The girls are fine but it is a shame with Ma Juah, she has started licking her lick granuloma again.  It was healing up so nicely, and the little patch on her leg had almost cleared up.  Unfortunately it will need darting her again to treat it, which she hates.  We can’t put a dressing or a collar round her leg to stop her licking it, as we would a dog or cat, as she would tear them right off.  

Both are well otherwise and that makes me content too!

Ma Juah - BFF/Shamwari
Ma Juah keeping a low profile
Achee - BFF/Shamwari
Achee peeking out at us

Triplets –Sami, Alam and Nimira, rescued from the Sudan in 2001

Now that is cooler we are seeing more of them which is great.   

Food they love and never leave anything behind for the ants!

Well I’m sure you all know this by now, they love pulling out the water pipes that run through their main camp, however deep we dig them, and then there will be water all over the place.

It looks like they love showering and seeing my face going blood red!  So yes I have mending pipes like crazy lately.  The plan now is to move the pipes, we are just awaiting approval from management..

Guests love them to bits and during the time I helped Martin with the school kids I had lots of fun and these hand-reared, human-friendly triplets made so much impression on the kids and helped me get my message through to them.    

Leopard Triplets - Photo Vena/BFF/Shamwari
Not a great picture, but I managed to get all three of them in one shot while they were wrestling with each other.

BRUTUS AND MARINA – Brutus was rescued from a French circus in 2007, and Marina was rescued from Romania in 2008

They are looking good and looking if they have settled in big time and loving their new home.

When we arrive at their camp, they will stand up and stretch and Marina would brush up against Brutus and in return Brutus will groom Marina on her forehead and groom her all over and they would make the craziest sounds during this. They have also been smelling each other and Brutus has tried to mate her several times, but they so loving.   (Marina has been implanted with a contraceptive implant.)  No aggression is shown to each other whatsoever.

Food, both of them are enjoying it big time and nothing is ever wasted!

So I have a few pictures of them below playing and and standing in different parts of the main camp, see below:

Brutus and Marina - Photo BFF/Shamwari/Vena
Okay Brutus’s eyes are both closed but Marina looking as if she is ready to have me for lunch! Just joking everyone, as you can see they always with each other and they are looking gooood!
Marina and Brutus- Photo BFF/Shamwari/Vena
Here they are walking off together, and Brutus looking very impressed with himself.
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