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Jean Byrd Cats Blog April 2012

Written by Martin Miritiawo

Greetings to all of our readers. I hope you are doing well. As for us here at Jean Byrd Centre we are doing well and our cats too. Shada, Kuma, Limassol leopards and Jools and Jerry all seemed to be enjoying good health.

Shada, rescued from a French circus in 2006

Shada photo BFF/Shamwari
Shada looking towards Excelsior Valley

Recently three female wild lions from the Northern pride were close to our perimeter fence and Shada’s focus was on them. They seemed to have taken her by surprise, she was showing submissive behaviour which was unusual, walking with her tail between the legs; I think she was intimidated by them. She was so much concerned that she did not even come to get her food the moment we arrived; she came a few minutes later.

However besides the unwelcome visitors she is doing extremely well.

Kuma, rescued from Abidjan Zoo in Ivory Coast, 1999

Kuma - Photo BFF/Shamwari

When I came upon him to take this photo, Kuma was sitting a few metres from the shelter, grooming himself in the African winter sun. He could not resist coming closer, and came down the hill close to where I was watching him and sat down by the fence.  He can be so friendly at times; at other times he will snarl at us, not wanting us near.  We love him so much, whatever he does.

Leda and Rhea, rescued from Limassol Zoo in Greece, 2009

The girls are doing well as usual, with Rhea using both enclosures of the main camp, and her hospital camp too.  Leda, her mother, looks good as well.  When she is not sleeping, we see her patrolling her main enclosure, or sitting on her platform, watching what is going on around her.  She loves her food and eats it eagerly.

Rhea - Photo BFF/Shamwari
Rhea in her main enclosure
Leda in the main camp - Photo BFF/Shamwari
Leda in the main camp

Jools and Jerry, rescued from Buhusi zoo in Romania, 2007

Jools and Jerry enjoying the sun - BFF/Shamwari
Jools and Jerry enjoying the sun

I came across mother and son, sitting out in the open, enjoying the Autumn sunshine.  They both like to hang around close to the Limassol leopards’ enclosure, but when it gets hot they go to sleep in the bushes nearby.

They love their food very much. Jools skin is looking good and she seems to be calm and relaxed. Jerry is well and as usual he likes to sleep a lot.  However, when he is in territorial mode, he will walk around his enclosure, roaring all the way.

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