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April 08 Jean Byrd Centre report by Bongani Bavuma


Most of the cats were curious to know what was going on with all the activity surrounding the building of the new enclosures and re-adjustment of the paths. Kuma however was not that interested although the new lion cubs’ camp is right next door to his. He didn’t even show interest in the builders on ladders installing the electric fencing.

The weather has been pretty cool this week, cold in the mornings and warming up in the late afternoons. I mainly see Kuma first thing in the morning when he is walking around his enclosure marking his territory or when he sees the guinea fowls next to his enclosure. He was fed on Tuesday and he didn’t look like someone who had not been fed for days. Instead of eating his food straight away he played with it for a while and dragged it around. Then he licked all the hair off and sat guarding it.

Phot of Kuma by Virginia lundin
Kuma surveying his world
Shada - Photo Glen Vena / Shamwari / BFF
“I don’t like you taking my photo!”


Shada is doing great, she hides when it’s hot but now that it is cooling down we are seeing her a lot more. I saw her the other day playing in the centre of the enclosure on a log. At one point I thought she might run into the fence because she was dashing around her enclosure at full speed. She ran towards the fence and then quickly turned and ran back towards the log and jumped over it. After looking for who knows what and running in circles she decided to lie down next to the log and have a rest.

When we fed her she took the leg and put it in her shelter but didn’t go in – instead she just sat at the entrance watching the 3 J’s eating. She is looking very well and stocky.


Jools has proven to be the dominant cat in the group and whatever she does the 2 boys are not far behind her. Sometime Jools tries to pick a fight with Shada in the next door camp but fortunately Shada never responds to the provocative behaviour. They have all relaxed a lot and James collects his own food when we feed. They don’t share their food as often as they used to and they will even growl when one of the other 2 approach their food. They are still a tight net family unit though, just growing in confidence.

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