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Written by Sidney Clay, Education Officer 

Very few school groups visited us this month as most schools had been busy with year-end exams. I had one group from Muir College in Uitenhage who could not come last month due to rain. The other school we had was Hankey Primary from Hankey, and it was the first time for them to visit us. They could not afford to come over two days, with one class a day, as it is about a two hour drive for them to get to us, so we conducted a split program with them filling the whole day with two classes.

Boys from Hankey Primary school

As it was a split program I first took all the boys out on game drive while Thembela, our intern, was doing the program in the centre, then I took the girls out after I had returned with the boys.

Girls from Hankey Primary School


They all seemed to enjoy themselves and they learnt a lot on game drive and a lot about the Born Free Foundation. They and their teachers said they did not know anything about the Born Free Foundation so the visit was an eye opener for them. Then I had a grade R from Bavumeleni Educare Centre at Paterson. They were very young but they were a nice bunch to work with.

Bavumeleni Educare Centre

I also had Erica Girls School from Port Elizabeth. They came on a Saturday with the teacher bringing two of her boys. They also enjoyed the drive and I had to focus on grazers and browsers as the teacher asked me to because they had had a lesson on grazers and browsers. We saw a lot of antelope and that made the lesson easier.

Erica Girls School

While the education program was quieter, I went to Hendrik Kanise school. Their garden needed to be harvested and I helped them harvesting. I also delivered the items they ordered from the Global Friends Grant. They asked for tools for the garden and plumbing tools for fixing leaking pipes and taps. The vegetables were to be used to supplement the soup kitchen of their feeding scheme.

Harvesting using some of the new tools bought from the Global Friends Grant
Spinach washed before it is taken to the kitchen
Delivering tools bought from the Global Friends Grant
Assembling the wheels of the bins

Until next time.  Sidney

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