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Shamwari Education Blog March 2016

Education Blog

March 2016 

Written by Sidney Clay, Education Officer

This had been a quiet month as I had two groups only. One of the Port Elizabeth schools had some exchange students from Holland. They brought them to us for the environmental education. They were happy to be out in the wild as most of them had never seen the ‘Big Five’.  All the cats at the Born Free sanctuary were out, so they saw all of them. They said that the work we doing is amazing and we must keep up the good work.

The students from Holland

The next group was a group of young boys and girls who would like to be rangers or guides when they grow up. The group is mentored by Peter Willis who started the original Education program at Shamwari. They call themselves the junior rangers. When I spoke to them I realised that they watch National Geographic and Animal Planet a lot. They are animal lovers; one boy would stop me for a dead leaf, thinking that it is litter, because litter is not good for animal health. We saw a lot of animals on the game drive and again all Born Free cats were out. Peter and I had to answer a lot of questions that were asked. 

The bokdrol spoeg game

We stopped in the bush where we could find springbok droppings. I took one dropping to show them how the game is played. I put one dropping on the tip of my tongue and I spat out. They stood in a line and each had to put a dropping on the tip of the tongue. I was supposed to count to three and they were to spit the dropping at the same time and the winner would be the one who spat it the farthest but it did not work out as some spat at ‘two’. I told them that they would grow hair on the tongue and one of them asked how many times I had been playing the game and I answered with ‘more than once’. One girl said ‘but sir your tongue is not hairy’. They enjoyed it and after that they had lunch in the bush.

Lunch time
After lunch

That is all for this month. As I said, it was a quiet one, but a good one, meeting so many enthusiastic and interested students.

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