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Shamwari Education Blog December 2015

Written by Sidney Clay - Education Officer and Thembela Schoeman - Intern

Sidney Clay - This is a busy month for the schools, the learners are writing exams and the teachers marking papers. There is not so much happening on our education side as learners finish school as soon as they finish writing exams. The Eco-School co-ordinators sent the environmental groups for a visit. I took all the groups for almost the day as I did the full program with them. The first school was the Sandisulwazi High School which is one of our Eco-Schools that we support. The learners enjoyed themselves and they saw a lot of animals on their visit.

Thembela talking about the skulls to the group

Thembela, our intern, did the Born Free tour with the learners. Sandisulwazi High School was where Thembela passed her matric.

Sandisulwazi ready to depart

The next one was Hendrik Kanise combined school, also an Eco-School that we support. They sent a group from their Environmental Club. I did the whole program with them as well and they saw a lot of animals on their visit too.  The learners enjoyed themselves and they learnt a lot about the environment.

Hendrik Kanise Combined School ready for departure
Let’s keep our oceans clean for the future generation.

That is all that I have got for this month.  Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone.

Thembela Schoeman - It was an early cold morning when we went for a beach clean-up activity in Port Elizabeth with two of our local schools Hendrik Kanise and Sandisulwazi High School, and the Shamwari Conservation Experience students.

The reason for doing these kinds of activities is to inform the students about the issues or challenges that are facing our wildlife in different habitats, and show how we can help to prevent these issues from happening in the near future.

For an example, when trash gets into the ocean an animal can easily mistake that trash for a certain food source, just like a sea turtles sees a plastic bag floating around the ocean as a jellyfish before swallowing it whole. So it’s very important to teach the young ones about such issues so that they can do their bit from the knowledge we give to them...

That is all that I have got for this month, Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone!  Thembela

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