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Christine Le Roux reports

As part of our community support we started a node of Eco-Schools in 2009. Eco-Schools is a international programme that encourages schools to care about their community, natural heritage and live sustainably.

This project has had a tremendous effect at all four of our schools who we support.  Learners mindsets have changed, their care and concern for wildlife has greatly been increased, social issues such as teenage pregnancy have almost been dissolved and even learner academic achievement has improved.

The project is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education but is implemented in South Africa by the Wildlife Society of South Africa (WESSA) and twice a year each node co-ordinator has to submit a report on the progress of the each school in their node.

Here is our Jan - May 2012 report. To find out what our schools have been up to previously check the Shamwari Education blogs. If you would like to find out more about the program check the FEE website:

Figure 1: The trophy winners of our local award ceremony and the WESSA PE team.
Figure 2: Leonie Bantom chairman Sandisulwazi High School Eco-club shows off some of their harvest.
Figure 3: Sandisulwazi High School’s Willing Workers Group that sacrifices their Friday afternoons to help a local crèche.
Figure 4: Grade 4s from Khayakhulu Primary have a close encounter with an elephant while on game drive at Shamwari Game Reserve.
Figure 5: Moreson Primary learners working very hard at making a tyre garden at school.
Figure 6: New teachers on the committees enjoy their first workshop with the WESSA PE team at Setlaars Park Primary School.

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