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Born Free Education Blog: June 2017

This month six schools have visited Born Free’s Big Cat Rescue Centres. 

Kuyasa School 

The first one was a school that visits us every year. It is a special needs school from Grahamstown - the learners love to come as it gives them an opportunity to see and learn about the amazing wildlife within the Reserve as well as find out about Born Free’s work. The learners are encouraged to ask questions, if they don’t have questions to ask I ask them questions to enhance their learning experience. This time they were also especially lucky and saw a lot of different animals on the game drive.

Amasango Career School

Hendrik Kanise Combined School 

The 5th of June is World Environmental Day, so to celebrate I went to Hendrik Kanise Combined School which is one of the schools that we have supported for many years. The theme for this year was ‘Connecting People to Nature’, so after a briefing with the learners we decided to pick up paper and plastic in and around the school yard to help clean up the environment. The learners were put into groups and they picked up all the litter they could see. 

Port Elizabeth High Schools 

The Wilderness Foundation had a youth development competition with Port Elizabeth High Schools and as the prize they asked if they could bring the winners to the Born Free Foundation. I took them around the rescue centre and we went on a game drive. They were very happy to see the animals in their natural habitat as it was the first time that they had seen these animals in person.

The competition winners from the Wilderness foundation (above)

Riebeck East Combined School 

The next school was a new comer, Riebeck East Combined School, also from near Grahamstown. Like so many learning visiting us it was the first time they had been in a game reserve and to see these animals with their own eyes – they were even scared of some of the bigger animals. They loved every bit of it however and begged the school headmaster to bring them back again next year.

Riebeck East Combined School (above)

Some of the animals seen on Game drive (above)

House of Resurrection Haven 

Then we had House of Resurrection Haven from Port Elizabeth. These are children that have lost their parents to HIV. Some churches together with the department of social development built a haven for these kids, the centre is run by live in staff as well as volunteers. They were so surprised when they saw the animals - they had never seen them before – and they saw a lot. They loved every bit of it. Even some of the staff had never seen these animals with a naked eye before.

The two groups from the House of Resurrection Haven (above)

All the groups I had this month were lovely. That will be all for this month.

Sidney Clay

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