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Love at long last

Achee revelling in attention from her beloved Sinbad – after a wait of nearly two years.

Achee and Sinbad were rescued separately from Romania by Born Free and were introduced to each other in June 2015 at our rescue centre in Shamwari Reserve, South Africa.  Achee was excited to have company again after the loss of her mate.  Unfortunately Sinbad did not seem to understand Achee’s friendly overtures and either ignored her or snarled at her to keep away.   Achee didn’t give up though.  She seemed desperate for Sinbad to return the affection she was trying to  show him, and would keep sidling closer, or lying down next to Sinbad when he was asleep.  Then, earlier this year her persistence paid off!  Sinbad started returning her affection and now they have a very close bond.  Just moments before this footage was taken they were frolicking in the rain together.

Our care team at Shamwari are still delighted whenever they witness Sinbad’s gentleness with  Achee, and our Rescue Centre Manager had to share this with us.  Thanks Catherine!

For more reports on Achee and Sinbad, and news on our other rescued lions and leopards at Shamwari, see our Big Cat Diaries!

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