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Polar bear research, Southern Hudson Bay, Canada

Polar Bear picture
(c) Dr. Thiemann

Born Free is focusing on a vulnerable population of polar bears in Southern Hudson Bay, Canada – the most southerly population that exists.  It is predicted that these bears may experience the greatest increase in sea surface temperature in the Canadian Arctic as the climate warms, meaning reduced sea ice.  As this population relies on sea ice for its food, it is important to investigate their feeding habits and the way they use their habitat.

Dr. Thiemann of York University, supported by Born Free, addresses key research priorities for this southerly polar bear population.  Examining feeding ecology, polar bear distribution on ice and land, body condition and more, he explains “Our work aims to fill an important gap; understanding how these animals survive at the southern limit of their species' range.”  The results will also help to make informed decisions about the conservation of these rare bears.

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