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Do you remember Mollie, Georgia and Louisa?

Mollie and Georgia
Mollie and Georgia - Photo © Arcturos

This tiny bear trio were found wandering the streets of Tbilisi in Georgia following severe floods in June 2015. Luckily, the Tbilisi Municipal Animal Shelter were able to provide the cubs with temporary care, but a long term solution was urgently needed. With your generous support, and in partnership with The Mayhew, Born Free moved the cubs from Georgia to the Arcturos bear sanctuary in Greece in May 2016.

Mollie, Georgia and Louisa are now living together with Patrick, a young orphaned male bear. The group have settled into their new life well and seem to enjoy each other’s company. Louisa is the most active of the four, she is very energetic and playful. Louisa loves to run and play and is often seen trying to coax Mollie, Georgia, and Patrick to join in! Mollie and Georgia are shy in comparison and seem to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. The four cubs usually stay together and wander around as a group, sometimes separating off to enjoy time in pairs.

The Greek winter is not proving quite cold enough to prompt the bears to hibernate. They are still foraging for food in the day and are eating plenty of apples, vegetables, bread, fish, nuts and dry dog food. They are in good condition and growing! Hopefully, by late spring, their new enclosure will be ready and they will be big enough to be moved into the main part of the sanctuary. Here they will meet other brown bears, including our very own adopted bear Kyriakos and his brother Manolis.

You can help us support the care of the bears at Arcturos by adopting Kyriakos here.

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